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HEALTHY WAVE MATS - 5 Therapies in One Mat - Far Infrared, Photon, Negative Ion, PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field), Crystal Therapy with Tourmaline, Jade, Amethyst and Obsidian Crystals

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The Five Therapies Found in the Healthy Wave Mats

Healthy Wave Mats are the ultimate total wellness solution using a combination of 5 different therapies to help the body restore and regenerate itself. They are an all in one full body health solution to bring you back into a regenerated & healthy state.

Far Infrared Heat



  • Detoxifying your body, lymphatic cleansing
  • Increases micro-circulation
  • Promotes healing of wounds
  • Quicker healing of injuries
  • Inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Provides more energy to all surrounding cells
  • Reduce muscle tension & stress
  • Improving flexibility
  • Helps with weight loss to accelerate breakdown of fat and cellulite
  • Increases energy while reducing chronic fatigue
  • Reduces water retention
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Gently increase blood flow and expanding capillaries that carry blood which promotes oxygenation and regeneration of damaged cells
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves headaches and migraine
  • Recharges mitochondria
  • Stimulates white blood cell production
  • Improves quality of life and overall well being

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF)



  • Recharges your Body by exercising every single cell and this provides numerous benefits as below:
    • Pain relief and management
    • Reduce Inflammation
    • Improve & Increase Speed of the Natural Healing Process (Bones, nerves, cartilage, soft tissue. soft tissue, etc.)
    • Reverse the effects caused by damaging EMF such as microwaves
    • Reduce tension anxiety and stress. Promote Deeper sleep.
    • Enhance cellular regeneration
    • Improve the cellular detoxification process
    • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic system flow
    • Improve Brain function with alpha wave increase.
    • Health Preventative Maintenance for the Whole Body
    • and much more for whole body health

Low Level Laser Light Therapy (Phototherapy)



  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Accelerate the healing of wounds, both traumatic and iatrogenic
  • Reduce pain; rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain
  • Repair tissue
  • Reduce roscea on skin
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Improve blood flow/circulation, brings more oxygen/nutrients to cells
  • Eliminate some viral diseases
  • Reduce allergic rhinitis & other allergies
  • Anti-aging effects for skin
  • Activates lymphatic flow
  • Reduced depression and fatigue
  • Increasing energy levels by promoting release of ATP from cells mitochondria

Negative Ions



  • Increases serotonin levels which can help alleviate depression, decrease stress, and boost our energy.
  • Increase oxygen flow to the brain giving you increased alertness, clearer thinking, decreased drowsiness and increased mental energy
  • Act on our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen
  • Reduce germs, allergens, dust and mold in the air.
  • Fight free radicals in the blood.
  • Improves pH Balance of the body fluids
  • Improving the metabolism and providing cell rejuvenation
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease headaches and sickness.

Crystal Therapy crystals


  • Each Crystal has it own intrinsic properties and act synergistically when combined together.
  • When crystals are heated it exponentially enhances healing properties
  • They all produce negative ions and Far Infrared Rays
  • All crystals have their own unique "vibration and frequency" which benefits the human body.

How Healthy Wave Mat Therapies work together

Individually each of these therapies are amazing but when combined they can produce truly profound results as they work synergistically together.


Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Each Healthy Wave Mat is based around Far Infrared Heat Therapy through the use of crystals including amethyst, jade & tourmaline. When heated these crystals create far infrared heat that penetrates 3-8 inches into the body which improves blood flow & micro circulation by expanding blood vessels and relaxing the surrounding muscles. These specialized far infrared heat waves increases metabolism and relieves pain.



Negative Ions

Alone far infrared heat therapy can have dramatic results but it is further improved by the other therapies such as from the negative ions that are also generated by the amethyst, jade & tourmaline crystals used. When heated, these crystals can create over 1500+ negative ions per square inch. Negative ions act as anti-oxidants which fight free radicals in the body and are an essential building block for every cell in your body. By providing the body with negative ions & far infrared heat simultaneously, like in Healthy Wave Mats, negative ions are delivered to your cells much quicker with increased permeability due to the improved blood flow the far infrared heat as provided.

These two therapies are standard and found in every Healthy Wave Mat. Additionally some models also contain Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF therapy) & low level laser light therapy which are both further enhanced by the far infrared heat & negative ions.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy ( PEMF )

PEMF is a therapy that essentially stimulates cells to regenerate and repair themselves. This is truly amazing as it works for seemingly every type of tissue in the body including bone, cartilage, nerves, muscle, connective tissue and more. Your cells still need nutrients to repair themselves which as you know is delivered by your circulatory system. This is why the PEMF therapy is greatly enhanced when also using far infrared heat therapy as the far infrared heat improves your circulation allowing your blood to deliver more nutrients to your cells. Additionally the surplus of negative ions also provides essential building blocks for the cellular repair that is occurring.

Healthy Wave Mats are the only product to combine these five therapies together making the PEMF technology found in Healthy Wave Mats more effective than any other individual PEMF device.


Low Level Laser Light Therapy (Phototherapy)

Low Level Laser Light Therapy is used to donate photons and electrons to our cells so they can regenerate and repair themselves. This donation of protons increases the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP, which stimulates the cell to grow and repair more effectively. Low level laser light therapy is a great additional when focusing on skin and connective tissue as it provides energy to those cells to further increase their regeneration when combined with FIR, negative ions and/or PEMF therapy.

Healthy Wave Mats

Healthy Wave Mats different therapies are all made to be the top of their individual fields and are made out of only high quality materials providing you with a full spectrum health mat that can last a life time.

Far Infrared Heat (FIR) features

  • Heat penetrates 3-8 inches into the body (5-14um)
  • Up to 70 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit) internal mat temperature
  • Heats up quickly

mat fir

Jade, Amethyst, Obsidian & Tourmaline features

  • Jade with 700 negative ions per square inch
  • Amethyst with 1500 negative ions per square inch (3 grades of amethyst are used)
  • Tourmaline with 1500+ negative ions per square inch
  • Jade, Amethyst and Tourmaline all have infrared properties
  • Obsidian provides a base for negative energies to be grounded


Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) features

  • Frequency of 8Hz, close to the Schumann Primary Resonant Frequency
  • Modified Sinusoidal/ Square wave supported by studies; bursts of biphasic PEMF
  • Up to 3000 Milligauss of dynamic measured field strength


  • LEDs at 660nm (the light spectrum with penetrates the deepest into tissue)
  • Power of 5 mw per LED


Other Features

  • Materials are non-toxic & durable.
  • Made with EMF shielding material to block unwanted damaging high frequency EMFs.
  • Controllers are CE & FCC certified.
  • Each mat is made of 9-14 layers of materials including:
  1. 1. High-quality synthetic leather, which is elegant, durable, and easy to clean.
  2. 2. High-density mesh cloth, with elegant embroidery to attach the jade disks
  3. 3. Jade, amethyst, tourmaline and/or obsidian crystals
  4. 4. Bamboo carbon-fiber material, which has several important qualities:
    • It is super-absorbent, more absorbent than charcoal. It can deodorize as well as absorb dust.
    • It releases far infrared rays and stores heat energy.
    • It can adjust to humidity, absorbing water in damp conditions and releasing it back into the air in dry conditions.
  5. 5. Internal waterproof layer (does not protect the entire mat from water)
  6. 6. Electric discharger, which also generates negative ions.
  7. 7. Copper network layer - magnetic wave proof copper layer to shield the user from damaging electromagnetic waves.
  8. 8. Glass fibers, heat proof non woven fabric layer
  9. 9. Silicon heating layer
  10. 10. Heating layer, allowing a rapid rise in heat. This material resists high temperatures, performs well after folding, and wears well.
  11. Heat-sensitive device that prevents the mat from overheating. If the temperature rises too high, it will automatically shut the power off.
  12. 11. Ecological non woven cloth, to evenly distribute and stabilize the heat.
  13. 12. Heat absorption and release layer, to store the energy of the infrared rays, to evenly distribute and continually release the heat.
  14. 13. Ecological compression cotton
  15. 14. Thermal insulation layer to prevent overheating and prevent heat from being conducted downwards.
  16. 15. Waterproof eleusine cloth, which is durable, prevents wear, resists tension, and protects the mat.

matlayers insidematphoto

Ultra Low EMF Design Mat

  • Since there are no present standards in the US, the Swedish Standard of 3 mG is used as the benchmark for the ultra low EMF design.
  • Typical measurement for a mat at the surface is approx. 0.5 mG. For many of the different mat designs available the measurement can typically be 0.5mG to 1.5 mG which is well below the strict Swedish Standard.

Low EMF Reading


Healthy Wave Mats contain the same or better technology of some of the most popular other devices on the market in their respected areas. The best thing is a Healthy Wave Mat has all these technologies in one unit at a fraction of the cost. It is less expensive than any of individual systems but contains the technology of all of them.

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Negative Ions

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How can we offer such an amazing product at such a low price?

  • No frills or gimmicks. We only include the features which the technology is based on and has been proven to work. We do not add extra features that add little to no extra benefits which most of the other systems are full of.

  • Efficient Manufacturing. We understand what is behind the different technologies so can manufacture them more efficiently at a fraction of the price as our competitors. We work directly with the manufacturing plant and provide specifications dedicated only to the design and manufacturing of Healthy Wave Mats. This means we can maintain the highest quality standards since we do not sub contract out the lowest bidder.

  • No inflated prices. We do not have high markups, unlike the Multi-Level Marketing models which pay out thousands of dollars to their distributors to market their systems. Our margins are very thin but since our pricing is the most competitive we sell in high volume. This way we can help more people.

  • Ethics. These 5 main therapies are very effective and we believe should be made available to everyone. This is not possible when a single system costs several thousand dollars. Healthy Wave Mats are available in different sizes and with different features as low as $99. This gives everyone an opportunity to receive the benefits of these amazing therapies.

Healthy Wave Mats

A better product at a better price.