Healthy Wave Mat Design

Multi-Layer Mat Construction

  • Materials are non-toxic & durable.
  • Made with EMF shielding material to block unwanted damaging high frequency EMFs.
  • Controllers are CE & FCC certified.
  • Each mat is made of 9-14 layers of materials including:
  1. 1. High-quality synthetic leather, which is elegant, durable, and easy to clean.
  2. 2. High-density mesh cloth, with elegant embroidery to attach the jade disks
  3. 3. Jade, amethyst, tourmaline and/or obsidian crystals
  4. 4. Bamboo carbon-fiber material, which has several important qualities:
    • It is super-absorbent, more absorbent than charcoal. It can deodorize as well as absorb dust.
    • It releases far infrared rays and stores heat energy.
    • It can adjust to humidity, absorbing water in damp conditions and releasing it back into the air in dry conditions.
  5. 5. Internal waterproof layer (does not protect the entire mat from water)
  6. 6. Electric discharger, which also generates negative ions.
  7. 7. Copper network layer - magnetic wave proof copper layer to shield the user from damaging electromagnetic waves.
  8. 8. Glass fibers, heat proof non woven fabric layer
  9. 9. Silicon heating layer
  10. 10. Heating layer, allowing a rapid rise in heat. This material resists high temperatures, performs well after folding, and wears well.
  11. Heat-sensitive device that prevents the mat from overheating. If the temperature rises too high, it will automatically shut the power off.
  12. 11. Ecological non woven cloth, to evenly distribute and stabilize the heat.
  13. 12. Heat absorption and release layer, to store the energy of the infrared rays, to evenly distribute and continually release the heat.
  14. 13. Ecological compression cotton
  15. 14. Thermal insulation layer to prevent overheating and prevent heat from being conducted downwards.
  16. 15. Waterproof eleusine cloth, which is durable, prevents wear, resists tension, and protects the mat.

EMF Protection

  • Since there are no present standards in the US, the Swedish Standard of 3 mG is used as the benchmark for the EMF Protection.
  • Typical measurement for a mat at the surface is approx. 0.5 mG. For many of the different mat designs available the measurement can typically be 0.5mG to 1.5 mG which is well below the strict Swedish Standard.
Low EMF Reading