Best Selling PEMF Mats


What is the best PEMF mat?

The Multi-wave PEMF mats are the most advanced PEMF mats with the most customizable PEMF features including the ability to choose your wave type, set your frequency, pulse duration and intensity. There are 12 pre-programed modes and the abilities to customize your own PEMF programs. If you are looking for the most advanced PEMF features this is the mat for you it also has all the other therapies including infrared heat, red light therapy, natural crystals and negative ions. The Healthy Wave Multi-wave PEMF mats provide the full package of synergetic therapies and advanced PEMF features.

The Classic 5 Therapy PEMF mats are also an excellent option which is why they are one of our best sellers. If you are not interested in the more customizable PEMF programs you can still get great value out of our Healthy Waves 5 Therapy PEMF mats. They give you the ability to set your desired frequency between 1-30 hertz while also receiving the benefits of all the 5 synergistic therapies. If you aren’t interested in the more advanced PEMF features the 5 Therapy PEMF mats are probably the choice for you.

Why 5 therapy PEMF mats are better than regular PEMF mats.

Multi therapy PEMF mats are far superior to a regular PEMF mat with no other therapies. While PEMF has wonder benefits on its own it can work much better when combined with the other therapies such as Far Infrared Heat, Red Light Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Negative Ions. Many of these therapies have overlapping benefits which synergistically enhance each other. Many have probably heard that PEMF can improve circulation; this is also a benefit of far infrared heat. Naturally when these therapies work together they are more effective than just using one therapy on its own.