Healthy Wave mats are designed with advanced PEMF Therapy technology based on the latest scientific research. Our PEMF mat options also integrate multiple therapies including far-infrared heat, red light therapy, chakra balancing and more.

pemf coverage

Healthy Wave Mat’s most advanced line, the Muli-Wave PEMF Mat’s come with 12 PEMF programs and the ability to program your own PEMF therapy programs. Our Multi-Wave PEMF mats allow you to control the wave type, frequency, pulse duration and intensity. Our Classic PEMF Mats come allow you to enjoy PEMF frequencies from 1-30Hz. Classic PEMF mats come in various combination with other therapies including far infrared heat, red light therapy and chakra balancing. Healthy Wave PEMF mats provide full coverage on your entire body when laying down on them providing you an optimal PEMF therapy session.

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