Healthy Wave PEMF mats are designed with advanced PEMF Therapy technology based on the latest scientific research. Our PEMF mat options also integrate multiple therapies including far-infrared heat, red light therapy, chakra balancing and more.

pemf coverage

Healthy Wave PEMF Mat’s most advanced line, the Muli-Wave PEMF Mat’s come with 12 PEMF programs and the ability to program your own PEMF therapy programs. Our Multi-Wave PEMF mats allow you to control the wave type, frequency, pulse duration and intensity. Our Classic PEMF Mats come allow you to enjoy PEMF frequencies from 1-30Hz. Classic PEMF mats come in various combination with other therapies including far infrared heat, red light therapy and chakra balancing. Healthy Wave PEMF mats provide full coverage on your entire body when laying down on them providing you an optimal PEMF therapy session.

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Do PEMF mats really work?

While PEMF therapy is a technology which you can’t see or feel it has been used across the world for over 5 decades. PEMF therapy has thousands of studies showing its effectiveness including studies from NASA.  To learn more about PEMF therapy view our education page explaining what PEMF therapy is, how it works, its benefits and more. You can also read testimonials from our customers to see how the Healthy Wave PEMF mats have benefited him.

What does a PEMF mat do?

A PEMF mat pulses low level electromagnetic field through your body, stimulating all the cells and tissue in your body. The mat design is an effective design to give the user complete coverage as the PEMF coils are evenly distributed throughout the mat. This allows the PEMF waves to penetrate through your entire body including muscles, bones tendons and organs.

Can PEMF be harmful?

The majority of PEMF therapy is safe based on the thousands of studies performed. Our team has read through hundreds and studies and found certain types of PEMF can be less effective than others types or in some cases even harmful. Our Healthy Wave PEMF mats only use safe types of PEMF based on the scientific evidence. To learn more read our article “Can PEMF Be Harmful? Is High Intensity PEMF Safe?” where we review 9 scientific studies compares that compare different types of PEMF intensities and frequencies to determine the most effective type.

How much does PEMF cost

Paying for individual PEMF sessions at a clinic can cost $30-$100. With your own PEMF mat you can treat yourself to daily PEMF Therapy sessions, the cost of our Healthy Wave PEMF Mats are between $449-$3249USD, depending on which size and model you are interested in. All are effective but some have more advanced features then others and the larger ones have more PEMF coils then the smaller ones.

PEMF Mat Reviews

We have thousands of happy customers; some who love their mats so much have left their PEMF mat review. You can read the top reviews in our Testimonials section.