Dirty Electricity In PEMF Mats

There have been false allegations that our PEMF mats emit dirty electricity along with a series of other lies and fake tests to defame our product put out by a competitor acting as an independent reviewer who has previously been sanctioned by the FTC for lies and false adverting. These false claims come from competitors who lack the basic understanding of how electronic devices work nor have they done any legitimate testing and just chooses to put out disinformation to defame others products in an attempt to promote theirs. We have done and posted videos of our testing showing our mats are completely free from dirty electricity along with debunking all of these other false claims. We have information at the end of this article disproving many of the other lies and fake tests that were found in this fraudulent review of our mat related to our coils, negative ions red light therapy and more.

If you do want a quality PEMF mat free of dirty electricity the Healthy Wave Mat is a tested choice. While as you will find out those making these false allegations are actually promoting a mat with high frequency dirty electricity and RF radiation. You can watch our video of the tests below.

dirty electricity free

What is dirty electricity?

Dirty electricity is unintended voltage spikes anywhere between 100Hz and 100,000,000Hz on top of the clean 50-60Hz AC power from the power company. While this can exist from the power from your outlet it is easily filtered out through the use of capacitors, a basic electronic component found in many electronic devices such as our controllers. A signal generator has no capability of filtering out dirty electricity; claims such as this are made by ignorant individuals who do not understand how electronics work. As you can see from our video the two other PEMF mats tested are creating RF radiation and dirty electricity which is amplified by their PEMF signal generators.

The real concern of dirty electricity is creating it with various electronic devices that vary voltage and current too much which can occur for a variety of reasons. From our tests you can see other PEMF mats actually generate the high frequency and potentially hazardous RF radiation which is amplified by the PEMF.

Healthy Wave Mats not only do not create any dirty electricity they also filter out any dirty electricity that may be present from the 50-60Hz AC power through the use of capacitors in our controllers. Our mats are completely free and safe from any dirty electricity and RF radiation.

We have also debunked and disproved many other false and negative statements related to our coils, negative ions and red light therapy as well. You can view the following videos to educate yourself about the truth about the Healthy Wave Mat or visit our video section for more information.

The Science Behind PEMF Therapy Explained - Don't Fall for "Bigger Coil" Scams

There have been false claims we have poor quality PEMF coils because they are small. We debunk this lie and show our coils actually have greater magnetic flux & induction through math and testing compared to larger pemf coils. Our PEMF coils design is actually superior and provides strong PEMF therapy 12+ inches above the mat with more even distribution then larger coil designs.

Healthy Wave Mat Negative Ion Test

There are false claims and fake tests claiming we don't have negative ions in our mats. We demonstrate this testing for negative ions with a AlphaLabs Air Ion Counter showing we do and the fake review claiming we don't have negative ions is faking there testing to deceive people.

Healthy Wave Mat Red Light Therapy

We debunk claims claiming out red light therapy in not strong enough, see how our red light therapy compares against red light therapy panels and other red light therapy devices. The main difference being you are lying directly on the lights therefore get similar intensity so strong panels you use at a distance.

While we do not have any interest in attacking competitors’ products, which is occurring to us, we will say from our testing those making these false claims are the ones actually selling PEMF mats with high frequency dirty electricity. Additionally all their other negative claims are false and baseless which our educational videos and testing videos thoroughly disprove. Please visit our Videos section or our educational Learn pages for real true accurate information. If you have any questions feel free to email us and we can clear up any disinformation and provide true accurate facts backed up by science and testing.

Best Regards
Healthy Wave Mat Team