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9 fusions, 27 screws and 2 plates in right shoulder and a new le

I am a 51 year old male who has had a total of 17 surgeries on my back, neck, shoulder and hip. I originally bought a BEMER mat and had such great results that I started researching deeper into the affects and products that are available out there. I found the 5 therapy mat from Health Wave Mat and bought one to see if it might help my pain with it's extra healing qualities that it offers. Since I have been using this mat, I have experienced a tremendous drop in the amount of pain almost to the point of not having any pain at all. I can't tell you how much more superior this mat is that the BEMER that I used to use. I sleep on it every night and wake up refreshed and pain free. I used to take over 180 mg of a day for my pain. Now, I don't take anything. It is truly an amazing product that has given me hope and has allowed my quality of life to improve drastically. I honestly can't imagine living without this device.

Testimonial By: Todd Holstlaw  — Dublin, OH, United States

Unexpected benefit

I am always skeptical, but I tried the mat anyway.
I suffer from moderate chronic pain and a hyper nerviness. My treatment was with wine and medication.
I had an immediate response to the mat. I experienced and internal calm. I was at peace. I did not need to drink or medicate to bring me down to normal.

Testimonial By: Brian R  — Arden, NC, United States

Spinal Stenosis

I have had the healthy wave mat for a few weeks now. Initially, the phototherapy upset my digestive system. Don't know whether this was a detoxifying symptom or not. I have just had my thyroid blood results back and my thyroid was very much underactive, so that could be responsible too. I am so much better now pain wise and the spasms in my leg muscles have reduced significantly. I have two PEMF treatments each day. I missed them yesterday and could not sleep for ages because my legs were aching so much, just by missing a day. I am actually not sure how I could live without it now. I still have to take other things for my pain, but I have been able to reduce what I was taking, and I hope that I will continue to improve with time. If you do suffer from Hypothyroidism, do not overdo the heat or the phototherapy, and keep a regular eye on your bloods. Buy a mat, I do not think you will be disappointed!



Hi Pamela I want to share my experiment in using the Healthy Wave Mat. I have severe endometriosis and wanted to go off my pain relievers, I tried many different remedies but nothing worked. I was hesitant at first but then I said to myself to be patient, I ended up using it for 2 1/2 months, twice a day not skipping any days. The result turned out wonderful my pain relief about 80%. I am so happy that I decided not to return it.

Testimonial By: Tracy

Blood Pressure Improved

Just thought I’d mention something neat that happened when I put my mother on my mat the other day. She has high blood pressure and is on medication, and after my cousins were over with three big boisterous dogs knocking over lamps and stuff, my mom‘s blood pressure was 174/92. Usually we give her a half of her pill which brings her blood pressure down maybe 20 points on the top and 5 to 10 on the bottom. After 35 minutes resting on the mat, her blood pressure was 119/67. It hasn’t been that low for over 30 years!

Testimonial By: Amahra Jaxen