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Reduce My Antidepressants and After Surgery Recovery

In the few weeks I have had the mat I have slept on it every night. I did not think I had an issue with sleep but I have experienced a marked improvement in the quality of my sleep and a myriad of benefits that apparently have been derived from better sleep and the mats treatments.

I have managed to reduce my antidepressants by more than half with no ill effects (under medical supervision) which was an unintended benefit.

Originally I bought the mat to assist with pain and healing from a major surgery I had in January that was causing me a lot of anguish, I have also had positive results in this regard and have been able to start more physical activity and restart a light exercise regime.

I could harp on about the benefits I have experienced and hope to continue to experience from the mat but I am sure you have many happy customers.

Testimonial By: C. Rogers

Best Medical follow-up report ever

I received this just a few days before my husband had a life-threatening cardiac emergency. After 1 week in ICU, he was sent home on a life vest. His EF was 30-35% (this should be around 65) so his heart function was very poor. After using the mat faithfully for 3 weeks with 3-20 min sessions, we had our first visit since he was hospitalized. The doctor had all his hospital records and during our consult he told us that my husband needed to get his “things” in order because his EF was not going to get much better. We were shocked. George was feeling so much better, and we told the doctor that he was due for an echo and the cardiologist agreed and said of course he would do it. After the echo, the doctor came in and jumped on the table and said, “You can do whatever the “F” you want. Your EF is 45.” We knew then the mat was working. We had another echo 3 months later and he was up to 55. We suspect the next echo will show normal. I know this is not advertised as a cure, but we aren’t taking any chances. There are many research studies going on now and I feel this is going to prove to be a game changer.

Testimonial By: Linda Brooks

Amazing help for me, and for my horse!

I bought the 18x18 FIR Therapy mat initially to use on my horse, who was just diagnosed with Kissing Spine (back pain issues). Prior to using it on her, I thought I'd try it out on myself. I use my body hard, between my work and the gym, and have carpal tunnel in both wrists. Falling asleep is often difficult, with so many aches and pains. Since using this mat, I have not once needed to take pain medication, or benadryl to fall asleep! I sleep so soundly, and wake refreshed! I have since used it on my horses back, and while she was skeptical at first, all indications point to her experiencing deep relaxation and relief from her back pain! I am so impressed. The quality is much greater that I expected, and the results are tangible!

Testimonial By: Sarah Isherwood

I Love Love this Wave Mat

Purchased it a week ago i am in Bad Bad pain every time i get on it i loose tract of time i do not wan to get off i loose all my pain when on it Fractured T12 Spine
I also have Inpenjment of the smolders and it is truly getting better
also have arthritis like everyone else seems to ease it
I purchased a Beamer 3 years ago i tried to return it they said i could after 4 weeks
when i went to return it they said no good only returnable from when i ordered it but it took 1 week for delivery after a long fight they took it back it gave me an adverse affect after 3 weeks
now i have found the Great wave mat so much better so far with 90 day guarantee i never want to return it

Testimonial By: Ernest Tartaglione

Recovery from COVID

I have fever and sore throat for a couple days before doing a COVID test. I tested positive.

I did a COVID test everyday and kept testing positive for five days, but I feel relatively fine except for mild sore throat and runny nose. I have no fever and cough.

My mom asked me to use their Healthy Wave Mat. I used it in the afternoon at the maximum heat (70 Celsius) for 30 minutes. Increasing my body temperature (like a fever) helped! The following day I tested negative, have no sore throat, and my runny nose has been more tolerable.

It was impressive!

Testimonial By: Alyanna B.  — Richmond, BC, Canada