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Blood Pressure

Still very much enjoying my mat.
I just wanted to send a testimonial about how it has been very helpful in lowering my mother’s blood pressure. Mom is 93 and and when trying to switch around medications that didn’t make her dizzy, she ended up on one that didn’t control the pressure adequately and her blood pressure was between 175 & 200. I decided to take the mat over and see if lying on the mat would help her. We used it on three different occasions for 40 minutes each time. On the first occasion the red laser, PEMF, and infrared were all switched on and after the session on the mat her blood pressure dropped by 42 points. In the second session I forgot, and just turned on the infrared and there was little change in her blood pressure.
In the third session everything was turned on again and by the end her blood pressure had dropped 51 points. On this occasion it started at 175/90 and finished at 124/78. This has been huge for her so I am hoping you can use this on your website.

Testimonial By: Amahra Jaxen


I am a new owner of the healthy wave mat for about 6 weeks and I must say using another mat I seemed to have hit a plateau and couldn’t move on for the better
Since my new mat I can feel the difference for the better and having the 5 therapy s one being heat I just love love love my healthy wave mat
I can’t believe the difference I’m living my life again
I have been living with chronic pain for a many years and now I can say I found my magic pill
I would like to thank all at healthy wave mat for their dedication to helping others to help them to stay healthy in many ways not only for pain and I also have a mat for my 2 chihuahua s they love there mat they both went in for dental work and 2weeks for a recheck at the vets the vet couldn’t believe how fast their gums healed they are well and happy and keep up with there every evening routine I would recommend this product.

Testimonial By: Dianne Zakowicz  — Sorrento, BC, Canada

Tension and Relaxation

I went in for my monthly scheduled massage with Tera and before the session started we always take a few minutes to chat about what's new in our lives. Tera was so excited about the PEMF mat that she is using it on all her clients with no extra cost, bless her heart. I was skeptical at first because you hear about how EMF is bad for you. But I am always up for trying a new natural product. So I got onto the massage table and even before Tera entered the room to start our session I was so relaxed and tension free only after a few minutes. I will say I was hooked after my 1 hour session, I had never felt so relaxed. I told Tera I need one of those mats and she gave me her URL and I went online when I got home and researched all the different mats and decided to go with the PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Chair & Car. I chose this one so I could use it sitting or lying down and in the car. So wonderful to be able to have such a versatile mat. I started out using it in the mornings for half hour then in the evenings for half hour and after a week of that I started using it all night every night and I sleep so soundly and feel so refreshed when I wake up. I have so much more energy now, that I did not even know I was at a loss of energy. It is truly amazing how this mat has changed my life for the better. One must always take care of ones self. .

Thanks again for a wonderful product and having GREAT customer service.

Testimonial By: Nicole Brown  — MN, USA

Pain and Relaxation

I first tried out the Healthy Wave Mat when going for a Thai Yoga Massage. After the second visit and feeling like I was melting into this mat and leaving feeling so calm, pain free and just relaxed I knew I had to get one. I use my mat twice a day and would use it more if time allowed. I have suffered from a rare disorder that affects my joints and this is the first time in 5 years I have found any relief from something that is not a drug. I am so very happy.So happy that my husband who was a non-believer insisted we get another mat for travel and because he is now a converted "matty" guy we also just purchased a Chakra Mat so we don't have to wait for each other to finish their turn. My husband will call now on his way home from work saying turn on the Mat! This truly is an amazing product and we are so excited to be able to see such great results. If your wondering should I or shouldn't I ,do yourself a favour and invest in something that will make you enjoy life to its fullest without pain. I sleep better now, I am more relaxed, happier being without such severe pain , life really is good now that I have my Healthy Wave Mat!


Testimonial By: Linda McK.  — AB, Canada

Chronic Diverticulitis

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I purchased from your organization! I am very appreciative of your excellent customer service as well.

This Healthy Wave PEMF mat healed me of Chronic Diverticulitis after only 3 weeks of sleeping on it! I was scheduled for a very serious and invasive surgery to repair my lower intestine due to the Chronic Diverticulitis. After sleeping on the mat for 3 weeks, I went back for another CT scan and the doctor told me I was clear and would no longer require the operation. Thank you for creating such an excellent product.

You guys are great! Thank you so very much!

Testimonial By: Leah  — CO, USA