Save 20% on Open Box & Like New Healthy Wave Mats

Save 20% on Open Box/ Like New Healthy Wave Mats. To buy an Open Box/ Like New mat go to any product page and select the “Open Box/ Like New” option under the condition selection. The price shown is the discount you are getting off the original price.

healthy wave open box discount image

All these mats still come with the same 90 day trial period! The warranty is a 5 year extended warranty and the first year is the full warranty for all open box/like new mats. Controllers come with a 5 year replacement warranty. See full details on the warranty page.

Open Box/ Like New mats are only available in North American 120volts. We do not have 220Volt Open Box/ Like New mats available.

Open Box/ Like New mats are products that were used for a variety of different reasons including trade show demos, store displays, photoshoots, commercials or were used a few times with a cover by a customer. They may also have been made with a slight cosmetic defect such as bad sewing line on the back of the mat. All these products appear like new and are in the best condition; any mats that were used even slightly are sanitized and tested.

Open Box and used mats do not get free shipping and the additional shipping cost is included in the price adjustment when you select the mat.

  • Any may smaller then 60X24 has a $20 shipping charge included
  • 60x24 & 72x24 mats have a $30 shipping charge included
  • 74x28 and larger mats have a $40 shipping charge included

You cannot place an order here. The image to the left is a example only.

To order an OPEN BOX mat 

  • please go to your desired mats product page
  • under the price is a option to select the CONDITION
  • toggle down to OPEN BOX and add to cart. 
  • You will see how much you are saving and when added to cart you will see the price of  the discounted mat.