Alkaline Anti-oxidant Water


Cerra Alkaline Anti-oxidant Hydrogen Water

Hydration is important especially when using Healthy Wave far infrared mats. Far Infrared heat can cause you to sweat a lot while your body is detoxing so it is vitally important to stay hydrated. Cerra Water is the best water to stay hydrated with its ionizing process which alkalizes and mico-clusters the water making it more absorbable.

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Balances pH Levels of the Body

Our bodies are naturally alkaline and Cerra Water balances the alkalinity buffering the acidity we encounter from food, drinks, pollution, stress etc. Cerra Water is 1000x more alkaline then tap water!

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Powerful Antioxidants

Cerra water is filled with anti-oxidants which eliminate free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidation in our body breaking down our cells. Cerra Water’s anti-oxidants stop these free radicals from causing damage and improves cellular functions.

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Better Hydration

Cerra waters transformative process breaks up large clusters of water molecules into smaller clusters which are easier for your cells to absorb. This lets you absorb the water you drink rather than having it pass right through you.

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Detox the Body

Our bodies accumulate various toxins (acidic waste) from pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other impurities found in our food, water and air. These toxins are flushed out of your system when drinking Cerra Water.

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Boost Essential Minerals

Cerra Water infuses in the water with essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium. Cerra Water is a natural solution for maintaining health and wellness.

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Help Manage Weight

When we eat too much acidic or junk food, our bodies convert the acidic waste into fat cells. By drinking Cerra Water we neutralize this acidic waste flushing it out rather than contributing to unwanted weight management.

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All Natural Solution

Cerra Water creates alkaline anti-oxidant water in a natural way rather than artificially using electricity. The ceramic balls found in Cerra filter mimic how water flows down a mountain stream picking up alkaline minerals.

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Quality & Safety

Cerra Water uses the highest quality materials in the pitcher and filter. The Cerra Pitcher is one of the only water pitchers that is made of certified Food Safe plastic with German TUV certification. With Cerra Water you can be assured that safe plastics are used, that are BPS/BPS free and don’t leach chemicals into your water.

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How Cerra Water Works


Step 1. Filtration

  • Proprietary carbon mixture, provides WQA S-200/ANSI 42 Chemical Reduction
  • Reduce smell and improve taste
  • Reduce chlorine, contaminants, heavy metals and chemicals.


Step 2. Alkalinity

  • Transforms any regular water into alkaline water to a pH of +8.5 to 9.5
  • Improves the body detoxification, eliminating toxins.
  • Adds essential micro-ionized alkaline minerals
  • Helps keep the body in the balanced, slightly alkaline state


Step 3. Anti-oxidants

  • Anti-oxidants fight free radical damage reducing cellular degeneration
  • ORP (oxidation reduction potential ) -150mV to -500mV
  • Anti-oxidants may help reduce inflammation, pain and slow down the aging process


Step 4. Molecular Hydrogen

  • Adds H2 molecular hydrogen, another type of anti-oxidant
  • Improve proper cell function
  • Help reduce oxidative stress and free radical damage


Step 5. Hexagonal Water (Micro-clustered)

  • Easily absorbable for improved hydration.
  • Transforms “unorganized macro water” into organized hexagonal pattern
  • Organized matrix of 3-6 water molecules


Step 6. Energized - B.F.I.T.

  • Imprints new memory into the water
  • Infused with 18000+ beneficial frequencies
  • Uses proprietary B.F.I.T. (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology)