Is the Healthy Wave Mat on Amazon?

We do not sell our Healthy Wave Mats on Amazon. By only selling on our own website we better help improve the customer experience through our customer support, high knowledgeable staff and more benefits which Amazon cannot offer including:

  • Extended return period. We offer 90 day return period rather than Amazons 30 day

  • Extended warranty. When ordering off you receive then full warranty plus an additional 3 month warranty and our 5 year extended warranty.

  • Professional support & customer service. Our support staffs are highly knowledgeable about our mats and PEMF therapy, we can best advise you on the mat that is best for you along with additional support for how to best use the mats and PEMF therapy features. Since we were involved in the product development and clinical testing you cannot receive this support elsewhere.

  • Free bonus items: Additionally you will receive free covers for your mats, up to a $75USD value.

  • 10% Discount: We also offer exclusive discounts (not available on amazon). To receive this discount sign up for our newsletter to receive the Healthy Wave Mat coupon code