PEMF Therapy

P(Pulsed) E(Electro) M(magnetic) F(Field) (PEMF) therapy uses pulsing electromagnetic fields to stimulate and exercise cells by inducing tiny micro voltages in them. These micro-voltages help the cells restore their proper function and support overall wellness.

Otto Warberg, a Nobel Prize winner, found that healthy cells have Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) of around -70 to -90 millivolts. While unhealthy cells the TMP starts dropping where -50 millivolts can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome and can lead to many other serious issues if they drop lower. For inflammatory conditions TMP can increase to higher values of -120 mv or more.

Using PEMF therapy we can help bring cells back into their healthy range.

There are 4 main factors to PEMF therapy: Intensity, Frequency and Wave Form & Duration. Clinical studies have shown there is no one best PEMF Therapy and different combinations may be suitable in different circumstances.

Intensity- The strength of the magnetic field, we can measure this on a gauss meter in either gauss or tesla.

 gauss meter

Frequency- The number of pulses per second.

sine wave frequency pemf

Wave form- The shape of the wave such as sine wave, square wave, triangle wave or saw tooth wave. Sine waves are the most researched and proven wave form followed by the square wave.

pemf wave forms

Duration- How long you use the PEMF device

clock time duration pemf therapy

The Science of PEMF Therapy – Faradays Law of Induction

PEMF therapy is based off fundamental laws of electromagnetics, the primary law we understand being Faradays Law of induction which simply states a time varying magnetic field will induce a voltage in a secondary circuit. In the case of PEMF therapy we are the second circuit. From this we know a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field will induce tiny micro voltages in our cells.

coil induction person induction
faradys law of induction

This is the formula for Faradays law of Induction. But to simplify if down it is really just our magnetic intensity divided by the change in time of our magnetic field which is a combination of our frequency and wave form and duration.

  • If we have a stronger magnetic field we will induce a higher voltage in cells.
  • If we have higher frequency we will induce a higher voltage in cells.
  • Variations around the wave form such as its initial spike and duration will also affect the voltage induced in cell.
  • And of course using PEMF therapy for a longer duration will have more cumulative voltage induction in cells then compared for a shorter time.

pemf battery energy

If you want to understand the full mathematical breakdown of Faradays law of Induction and how it applies to PEMF we explain it in further detail at the end of this article.

The Science Behind PEMF Therapy

Dr. Oz "Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) is Revolutionary Medicine especially for Pain Management"

Healthy Wave™ Mats PEMF Therapy Explained

Earth Based Frequencies and the Shuman Resonance

The PEMF therapy used in the Healthy Wave™ Mat is based the natural PEMF of the earth known as the Schumann resonances. Based on the natural earths PEMF, the frequency, intensity and wave type of the pulsed electromagnetic field is optimized and to work in synergy with the other natural therapies which are part of the mat design; Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy, Photon Therapy and Crystal Therapy.
NATURE - The key to the most effective therapies and energies - PEMF, Photon, Infrared

NATURAL EARTH’S PEMF - Actual measurements shown in the diagram on the right

  • Schumann resonances field measurements show SINE waves are low and varying intensity, in the extremely low frequency spectrum, with distinct peaks of frequencies of around 7.83 (fundamental) 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 hertz
  • The Schumann energy pulses are sinusoidal, stream of individual biphasic pulses
  • This is the natural energy that humans need to exist on earth and astronauts need to simulate in space to remain healthy.
ionosphere shuman frequency


We Need Good magnetic Fieldsnasa logo

During early space programs astronauts lost a high degree of bone density. At this time the Schumann wave generator was developed to overcome this side effect.

Dr. Valerie Hunt placed 2 humans in a “Mu metal cage” to test humans in a near-zero magnetic field environment where they were cut-off from the earth's natural magnetic field. In a very short period of time they began to sob and said they felt like they were “falling apart” emotionally. Shortly after they started losing muscle control, coordination and started showing abnormal cardiac readings. This showed the critical need for the environment of the Earth's natural magnetic fields.

Healthy Wave™ Mats Are Earth Based Frequencies

This is why in the Healthy Wave™ Mat we only contain these low frequencies between 1-30Hz as they are the natural frequencies which are not only shown to be effective according to independent medical research but the ones also found in nature.
Although PEMF therapy is just one therapy and we can get more positive effects by exposing ourselves to other beneficial therapies along the spectrum of natural frequencies which is why the Healthy Wave™ Mat is not only a PEMF mat but a 5 Therapy Mat.

What PEMF is Best?

Clinical studies have shown there is no one specific wave shape or PEMF frequency that is best for everything or everyone. There are false claims out there claiming certain PEMF system “knows” what is best for the user but there are no studies to prove such a false claim (these are just MLM hype claims to try to justify outrageous pricing).

At Healthy Wave™ Mat we take the approach based on the best clinical evidence and science out there which is why we created our MultiWave™ PEMF Therapy Mat.

  • The MultiWave™  PEMF system provides:
  • 12 advanced PEMF programs & ability to customize your own advanced programs.
  • Fully customizable individual PEMF pulses, our system lets you modify every important aspect of the PEMF wave we previously discussed including Wave Form, Intensity, Frequency and Pulse Duration.
  • The multitude of PEMF programs available provides a broad spectrum of overall health and wellness. There are actually millions of PEMF combinations a user can program with the MultiWave™ system.

The MultiWave™ PEMF uses an Advanced Signal Generator which produces both Sine and Square waves and is unique since it is fully PROGRAMMABLE by the user and the WAVE SHAPES can be CUSTOMIZED as follows:

  • After the type of PEMF pulse is selected (sine or square wave) the following additional changes to the wave shape can be done:
  • PEMF Intensity can be set to 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 10%
  • The PEMF Pulse duration can be set to either Ultra Fast (very short duration), Fast (which is 10X longer than the Ultra Fast), and Medium (which is 3X longer than the Fast).
  • Plus the frequency of PEMF pulses can be changed from 1 to 30 pulses per second (which is in the Schumann resonances pulse range)
  • The MultiWave controller comes preprogrammed with ten 20 minute PEMF programs with 4x - 5 minute segments of unique PEMF wave shapes - And the user can further customize the 20 minute programs with their own desired wave shapes and the optional attributes. This creates a similar effect to the Schumann resonances where the pulses are changing in intensity, frequency and also pulse duration.
  • Healthy Wave 4 stage advanced controller programs
    HealthyWave multiwave mat
    Healthy Wave Advanced Controller

    PEMF Therapy Benefits

    PEMF Therapy has been widely studied and you can find thousands of scientific studies testing this therapy. There is a wide variety of different applications, if you are interested in looking at studies using PEMF technology there are currently over 450 studies on pubmed the vast majority supporting the benefits of PEMFs.

    PEMF Safety

    IS PEMF safe? Yes overall therapeutic PEMF therapy is completely safe. From independent research done any negative effects or deteriorating effects occurred using a combination higher intensities or frequencies. You can read our full breakdown of 10 comparative studies here to see the results.
    Is PEMF Therapy Dangerous? Here's What The Research Shows
    Overall this leads us to the same conclusion about the science of PEMF therapy this article opened with about bringing healthy cells back into their natural healthy voltage. Cell with too low voltage can be problematic and cells with too high a voltage can be undesirable as well. More is not always better with PEMF therapy. This is why the Healthy Wave™ Multi-Wave PEMF Technology is designed to provide a full spectrum of earth based frequencies within the safe and desirable intensity range.

    is High Intensity PEMF Therapy Safe? Here's What The Medical Research Says.

    Healthy Wave PEMF Mat Dirty Electricity Test. The Results May Shock You!

    PEMF & Dirty Electivity

    Many people are concerned about dirty electricity as this is the basis of peoples concerns around bad EMFs come from. Not all EMFs are bad; with PEMF we are using pulsed low frequency EMFs to create positive effects. Bad EMFs are high frequency EMFs which come from various household electronics or from Wifi routers 5G etc.

    Dirty electricity is created from irregular voltage spikes within electronics and is usually the cause of these bad EMFs people try and avoid. When it comes to PEMF mats this is certainly a concern as we are trying to use low frequency GOOD EMFs to benefit but if our device was creating unwanted high frequencies we could actually be doing ourselves more harm than good.

    clean sine wavedirty electricity sine wave

    At Healthy Wave™ Mat we have tested all our mats and they are all safe and clean from any unwanted high frequency dirty electricity and RF radiation. We cannot say the same about most other PEMF mats, from our testing we found the majority of other PEMF mats were creating unwanted high frequency dirty electricity and RF radiation. This ranged from inexpensive PEMF mats to the expensive MLM mats that sell for over $5000.

    dirty electricity test

    Many mats we tested were creating extremely high frequencies above 1Mhz up to 50Mhz. That’s over 1,000,000Hz to 50,000,000Hz. Yes over 1 million Hz of unwanted dirty electricity and RF radiation is found in some PEMF Mats.


    There are a lot of factors that may be the results of dirty electricity and these unwanted high frequencies. Dirty electricity is created when electronics vary current and voltage too much beyond what is present in the standard 50-60Hz AC electricity. Having frequencies above 60Hz may be a source of dirty electricity, complicated computer electronics within the controller could be a source of dirty electricity, modulating waveforms in complex wave could create dirty electricity such as creating gimmicky saw tooth waves could very easily be a contributor to dirty electricity. In fact the simplest basic type of PEMF, turning electricity off and on, is actually the best way to avoid dirty electricity.
    This is why in all our Healthy Wave™ Mats we use the basic Sine and Square waves as they are the best wave forms to use to avoid any dirty electricity and have been proven to be effective from independent research. This is also why we focus on only safe Earth Based frequencies between 1-30Hz found in the Shuman resonance.

    The Technical Details of PEMF Therapy

    The Math of Faradays Law of Induction when using PEMF Therapy

    faradys law

    -N = Number of Loop

    • With PEMF therapy there is no traditional secondary circuit or coil as instead YOU are that secondary circuit so we ignore this variable. (There is misinformation saying it’s the number of loops in the PEMF coil, this is WRONG)

    ΔΦ = Change in Magnetic Flux

    • Magnetic flux is the intensity of our magnetic field multiplied by the area perpendicular to this magnetic field. In the case of using a PEMF mat the area we would look at is the area of the mat itself or the area of the user over the mat or in the magnetic field. A larger mat has a larger area so therefore has a larger magnetic flux over the entire body of the user compared to using a spot application which covers a small area. But when comparing similar sized areas our magnetic flux is directly correlated to our magnetic field intensity. (There is misinformation saying the area is the area of the PEMF coil, this is WRONG)

    Δt = Change in Time

    • The change in time is a little bit more complicated as there are many factors affecting the change in time of our magnetic field. These include the frequency as more pulses per second are one way we can affect the change in time. Our wave form such a using a sine wave or a square wave will also have some affect as well, as a square wave gives a larger initial spike in the wave form when pulsed then a sine wave. Additionally the length of our pulse duration will have an effect as well as a pulse that lasts longer will induce more voltage. Finally the overall duration you use PEMF will affect your cumulative voltage induced as well. Yes it’s a lot of variables!

    The Science Behind PEMF Therapy Explained - Debunking The Large PEMF Coil Scam

    Magnetic Field Intensity

    Magnetic Field Intensity can be measured for both “Static” and “Dynamic” magnetic fields. PEMF is a dynamic magnetic field and can be measured with a suitable instrument. The Earth's core magnetic field (which you can see from a compass reading) is a static magnetic field and it is approximately 250-650 milligauss strength and varies at different locations on the earth.
    The Healthy Wave™ Mat measured dynamic magnetic field strength has a peak intensity up to about 3000 milligauss and extends to provide full coverage over the mat and surrounding the mat sides.
    The PEMF waves create full body coverage of approximately 2 ft when laying on a mat.

    coils on pemf mat


    PEMF Coils:

    PEMF Coils are what deliver the pulsed electromagnetic fields. When it comes to PEMF coils there are various designs that can be effective (number of copper wire turns in the coil, current passing through the coil, coil physical configuration), there is not one design that is more effective then another. If we have a measurable magnetic field providing a magnetic field above the mat that is a good pemf coil.

    The main importance of PEMF coils is how they are distributed to provide even coverage throughout the mat. Uneven distribution of PEMF coils can create an uneven magnetic field meaning certain parts of your body will get less PEMF therapy than others. If PEMF coils are spaced too far apart this can leave dead zones in the mat meaning certain areas of the mat hardly get any PEMF treatment. This is because the field strength is strongest next to the wires of the coil and gets weaker as you move away. But with multiple PEMF coils those magnetic fields can overlap which is why even spacing creates a more consistent PEMF field.

    Healthy Wave Mats have a superior coil design using powerful small coils spaced evenly throughout the mat. While this does create more intense areas on the spots directly over the coils on the surface of the mat PEMF field becomes more even and consistent the higher you get above the mat. This is critical as the majority of the PEMF therapy you receive is above the surface level of mat and also ensures there are no PEMF dead zones on the mat.

    • Copper coils with many turns are used in the mat design providing a high density TRANSVERSE PEMF field above the mat (basic diagrams shown below).

    Healthy Wave coil 2healthy wave coil


    Alternative Coil design - just different but not better:
    flat pemf coil

    Various other mat manufacturers use a simple flat coil configuration. In the round flat coil in the diagram you need the larger inner diameter to get field coverage. These types of coils typically have fewer wires in the coils (less turns). The main difference in this type of coil is it would create a PEMF field which is shown more vertically passing through the body. This makes no difference to the PEMF effect.


    Myths of PEMF Technology:

    fact mythThere is a lot of misinformation and myths put out about various PEMF devices to try and make their devices stand out and over-complicating the technology and effectiveness. You don't need to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to have an effective PEMF device. Remember, that for all items sold under "MLM" marketing you are paying huge commissions to people and their "upline".

    PEMF which has been used in hundreds of studies without these ultra expensive PEMF devices

    Myth 1 -You need a device with lots of different frequencies to work on everything

    Fact -Regardless which frequency was used (within the range of 0-100Hz) positive results were found by different studies addressing the same conditions with different frequencies. While certain frequencies may be better for certain conditions using a lower frequency <10Hz has been proven to be beneficial in most situations. Healthy Wave™ Mats exclusively focus on safe and effective earth based frequencies between 1-30Hz.

    Myth 2 -You need a device that is stronger near the feet and weaker near the head as that is how the intensity of Earth’s magnetic field is.

    Fact -Earth’s magnetic field extends out about 40,000 miles away from the earth. There is virtually no difference in strength anyone experiences between their head and their feet. When using a PEMF mat you want the same or stronger magnetic field on your upper body as there is more tissue there. Intensity in PEMF affects magnetic induction so having weaker intensity near the head will mean less magnetic induction as well.

    Myth 3 -You need large coil on a PEMF Mat since they have greater magnetic flux and induction.

    Fact -This is completely false as we explained in our section on The Technical Details of PEMF Therapy. The math, science and testing shows there is no relation to coil size and magnetic flux or induction. This is essentially completely made market mumbo jumbo.

    Myth 4 -You need a very high intensity PEMF strength to be effective (“more is better myth”). Some PEMF devices claim to have hundreds or even thousands of GAUSS in PEMF intensity saying that low intensity devices aren't effective.

    Fact -What the human body has been show to need from what is experienced in nature is the earth's magnetic field of which varies in intensity of 250-650 milligauss and the Schumann global electromagnetic resonances are in the very low pico-tesla strength ( 1 pico tesla = 0.00001 milli-gauss ). Studies have shown higher intensity can have deteriorating to negative effects. Please read our article Is PEMF Therapy Dangerous? Here's What The Research Shows.
    Many studies as shown in PubMed Publications indicate that intensities of 1-15 Gauss of PEMF being effective.
    Caution: High intensity PEMF's could cause over stimulation of the cells and could cause harm. Consult your medical doctor and have supervision of therapy.