Healthy Wave Vs Knock Off Infrared PEMF Mats

The 5 Therapy Healthy Wave Infrared PEMF Mat was the original Infrared PEMF Mat released in 2016 which was conceptualized, designed and engineered by us with extensive testing. Since then this style of Infrared PEMF mat has become very popular and there are dozens of imitations on the market now including on Amazon. Many of these mats claim to be similar quality with similar features.

We ordered one of these imitation mats directly from one of these factories in China that is manufacturing these many knock off "Infrared PEMF Mats" to test it and from our testing we found multiple, serious issues with the mat in performance and quality.

  1. This mat claimed to have EMF Free infrared heat wiring. Our testing showed high and unwanted EMFs were being created when the heat was turned on. This unwanted, potentially dangerous EMFs, were also interfering with the PEMF.
  2. The mat claimed to have 56Hz and 60Hz PEMF programs. When we tested these higher frequency programs they were not PEMF as there was no pause and it was just a continues EMF running.
  3. The mat claimed to have negative ions which when we tested it there was hardly any negative ions compared to the Healthy Wave Mat. This is likely the results of poor quality or fake crystals.

Healthy Wave Vs Knock Off Infrared PEMF Mats

Healthy Wave Mats Knock Off Infrared mats
EMF Free proven with video tests Not EMF Free (but claims to be EMF Free, no proof)
Correct Low Frequency PEMF Programs Incorrect High Frequency “PEMF Programs” actually just EMFs
High Quality gemstones 1500+ negative ions Low Quality and/or Fake Gemstones, low negative ions
Offers Dozens of different sizes and styles Offers only 1-2 different sizes

Many other brands that primarily sold other products before have started adding Infrared PEMF Mats into their catalog of products or selling them on Amazon, many of the mats often look very similar to the mat we ordered with identical controllers and a few other variations of controllers as well. We cannot be sure if any of these other mats have the same issues or not but if their mats are coming from the same factory we ordered our mat from it is very possible they could.

While these problems may seem minor the combination of issues completely ruins the infrared PEMF mats therapies taking away its benefits of Infrared Heat and PEMF Therapy.

  • EMF’s from infrared wiring disrupt the PEMF therapy.
  • Low negative ions are a missing therapy and can mean poor quality or fake crystals.
  • If poor quality or fake crystals are used little to no infrared heat will be generated
  • PEMF programs which are just EMF expose to you unwanted EMFs

Warning Signs of Poor Quality Infrared PEMF Mat

There are certain criteria we have found that can help determine if an infrared PEMF mat could be low quality

  • No Video proof showing EMF free infrared heating. If there is no video proof there is no assurance the mat is actually EMF free. The video needs to show the mat heating up as the EMFs are emitted when the heating elements are on.
  • No videos of negative ion testing. Poor quality negative ions could mean a combination of either low quality crystals or even fake crystals mixed in. Many companies claim negative ions but don’t list any values or show and testing using an air ion counter.
  • Is there high Frequency PEMF Programs close to 60Hz or higher? If an Infrared PEMF mat claims to have close to 60Hz and above frequencies these are likely just EMFs as there is no pause no longer making it a PEMF. Many of these companies do not understand what PEMF therapy is so end up with programs that are actually EMFs.
  • Do the controllers look at the same as dozens of others mats out there? Most companies just private label similar mats with different crystal designs that all come from the same factory but the controllers tend to all look similar.
  • Does the mat also contain TENS therapy? In the mat we received it also contained TENS therapy, it is possible similar mats with similar controller styles could suffer from the same deficiencies as the one we received.

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