I first purchased the belt , due to lower back pain. It was AWESOME!!!!! I have had some severe back issues and my entire spine was numb and burning tingling nerve pain for many months....It is clearing up I am sure due to daily use of these mats I now own 2 of them ( I just gave the belt to a friend who has suffered from arthritis and she is Loving it !!) I just ordered the vest and a car mat as well. I cannot imagine living without these, any one who is experiencing pain and doesn't want to use dangerous pain killers etc. needs a mat. I am so grateful for these, within 1 month of daily use I have very little pain left at all and can once again stretch my hips and back. I shoveled a massive amount of snow today !!! This may not seem like a big deal but I have not been able to do this for over 3 years, so it is a big deal. I am almost 60 and can shovel snow again Thanks to this wonderful product!!!!!!!

Testimonial By: evie sawaquat  — United States