Best Medical follow-up report ever

I received this just a few days before my husband had a life-threatening cardiac emergency. After 1 week in ICU, he was sent home on a life vest. His EF was 30-35% (this should be around 65) so his heart function was very poor. After using the mat faithfully for 3 weeks with 3-20 min sessions, we had our first visit since he was hospitalized. The doctor had all his hospital records and during our consult he told us that my husband needed to get his “things” in order because his EF was not going to get much better. We were shocked. George was feeling so much better, and we told the doctor that he was due for an echo and the cardiologist agreed and said of course he would do it. After the echo, the doctor came in and jumped on the table and said, “You can do whatever the “F” you want. Your EF is 45.” We knew then the mat was working. We had another echo 3 months later and he was up to 55. We suspect the next echo will show normal. I know this is not advertised as a cure, but we aren’t taking any chances. There are many research studies going on now and I feel this is going to prove to be a game changer.

Testimonial By: Linda Brooks