5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 20"x20"

I am Rose Leah and in my life I had four strokes, three heart attacks, and pain everywhere. I went to an acupuncturist and she said that working with me is like poking a metal sheet because everything is stiff. I was also drinking a lot of medication to maintain my health.

I went to a local health clinic, paid $35 for a 20 minute session to try the PEMF mat they have. After the 20 minute session, I feel lighter and with less pain. I knew I just needed to get one, but I am on limited income and couldn't afford the $6,000 mat they are selling.

I went home and started looking for an affordable PEMF device and found Healthy Wave. I spoke with Celine over the phone multiple times to understand what I am buying and to find the most affordable PEMF mat. I ordered the 20" x 20" PEMF mat.

I have been using it for more than a month now and all my friends and family members have noticed an improvement in the way I walk and talk. Since it's a small pad, I use it on my legs, lower back, neck, shoulder - I move it all over my body depending on where the pain is.

My legs are now normal size. They're no longer swollen! I can touch my hips without being in pain. I can also feel my feet again, it's like blood started flowing in that area again. I just came back from an acupuncturist and she's so shocked with how much my health has improved. I don't feel like steel anymore, she said it's like treating a pillow because my muscles and nerves are no longer stiff and everything feels more open and flowing.

Thank you for creating the Healthy Wave Mat and making it affordable, so people like me with limited income and relying on disability benefits can use a PEMF mat.

Rosa Leah F., 03/22/2022
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