Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 72"x24"

I have been using the mat for the past 60 days and enjoying the many benefits . I am 79 next month and exercise every day , no medications and blood pressure 123 /80 . Each morning I use my stationary bike for 30 minutes . Pre PEMF heart rate range was 110 to 125 BPM. Since using the MAT and without any extra effort on the pedals I now am in the target range 165-to 185 within 4 minutes of starting. After 30 minutes my heart rate recovers to 110 range within 4 minutes and to 65-70 range within 20 minutes . Is this change the result of better blood flow and oxygen uptake because I certainly am not out of breath and have a lot more energy and terrific! I 've appreciated your help.

Tony D., 04/03/2024
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