Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 72"x24"

I first heard of PEMF when my oldest brother suggested it as therapy for a younger brother who was diagnosed with cancer. I did all the reading and research possible on-line. There’s SO much positive scientific and testimonial evidence, including TED talks and Dr. Oz.

There’s also quite a variety of therapy mats with a variety of prices.
I decided on the Healthywave PEMF 5 therapy of the range for this company.
I bought the 72”x 24” for whole body healing.

I sent the mat to my daughter in Tasmania. She’d been in a car accident and could hardly move with a bad back. With professional help and the mat she’s restored to 100%.
I collected it after 6 months and stared using it mid Dec. 2021.

I initially wrote my healing aims and have journaled my progress. I’ve held off for 4 months to report improvements.

Pre-existing, longstanding, cumulative conditions need time to heal. Mine have shown consistent improvement and there have been a couple of surprise improvements I hadn’t counted on!!

I assess improvement after my longstanding monthly visit to a Trigger Point Masseuse. At the first visit, after about a month of mat use, I assessed my overall improvement at about 70%. The second visit was a treat, I had a massage with many points pain free. I’d rate my improvement at 90%.

I take my mat to the 90min. session and love the extra healing boost it seems to give.

Another use of the mat is in healing newly created problems. The results are almost immediate.

Strain a muscle, 20 minutes on the mat and it’s healed. Both my husband and I have had several such quick recoveries from injury.

On my healing journey, I’ve noted some effects. There seems to be a mobilising of the part of the body that’s in the process of repairing. I’ve felt pricks of pain and localised tingling while on the mat. In one area that had a chronic condition to heal, I had a stabbing pain that lasted for about 3 days before improvement was evident.

I’m aware of staying hydrated and I eliminate toxins with activated charcoal twice weekly.

I am at ease with my body. I feel I have made the BEST decision for my health heading into my 70th year. This a PROACTIVE, PREVENTATIVE therapy option to use at leisure in my own home.

Certainly worth every $. (I’ve just got my second mat..the chair version!)

Chris W., 03/31/2022
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