PRO Soft Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat 74"x28" Brown

I spend a lot of time behind the wheel, and the long drives started to affect my back as of late. I felt stiff and uncomfortable most of my days. One of my colleagues mentioned a Inframat Pro to me one day and described it as a miracle worker. That certainly has intrigued me. He was using this heating mat for few months already and sworn by it. He convinced me and I placed an order online. The seller was courteous and was promptly answering any of the questions I had. I was particularly interested how long do I need to use it before I notice an improvement and was told that it is an individual thing (I suppose it is) and depends on the level of pain. I just went with the flow and completed the order. The mat arrived quickly. I was so excited and opened it right away, anxious to use it. It was securely wrapped, all nicely packaged and just oozed quality. I connected the mat and stretched it over my recliner chair. The controls, I must admit are over complicated and required a little time to de-code. One more thing that I noticed is the cord is on a short side. l need to add an extension if using in the bed. But, once the mat has heated, the sensation was phenomenal! It was like I was drifting off on the heat wave, my muscles felt stimulated and energized and I felt like I could spend my whole days just lying on the mat. Especially my lower back, quite damaged by sitting in the car for so long, has been absorbing the healing heat. I started noticing the difference almost right away, skipping to the car the very next day. I thoroughly recommend a Inframat Pro to anyone who experiences agonizing pain. I’m considering getting a smaller mat now, to keep it in the car whilst I’m travelling – that way I can treat the back pain before it starts!

Steven H, 08/07/2015
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