5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 72"x24"

We purchased our Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat at the end of March 2020. Our purpose was to see if the PEMF and FIR would at least temper the back pain that both my wife and I have endured for many years. My wife also has a condition called Collagenous Colitis. This is type of inflammatory bowel disease that affects the colon. It is a form of microscopic colitis, which causes chronic diarrhea. This condition produces rather violent bouts of diarrhea multiple times a day. To our utter amazement after a week or so on the mat 2 times a day for a half hour each time, the diarrhea episodes became fewer and farther between. Then, about two and a half weeks of daily use of the mat, her diarrhea was pretty near completely controlled. The medications she was taking were cut in half under her Doctors control. Still no diarrhea! Now, I am writing this to tell you that you would be doing yourself and your family a great service by getting a Healthy Wave Mat and seeing for yourself the benefits it can produce. You will never know unless you try. Granted, not all conditions or all people will have these exceptional results; however you need to do some reading and find out that there are literally thousands of clinical studies that support the claims for improvement in many health conditions. I have researched pretty near all of the companies that produce some form of PEMF or FIR therapy mats. You will not find a better product or a better company to do business with. Their 45 day risk free trial is unmatched in the industry. That’s how confident Healthy Wave is of their products. Oh yes,., back pains have reduced immensely.

Donald W, 06/01/2022
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