5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 72"x24"

I've been chronically ill with uterine fibroids for over 20 years and had surgery 3 years ago. However the fibroids came back. I felt constant pressure in my pelvic area and had increased inflammation due to this condition. I've also suffered from insomnia and chronic fatigue. After using my 5 Therapy Mat for 1 week I'm amazed at how great I feel already! I sleep on my mat every night and I not only fall asleep within a short time but my sleep is so much deeper than before. My lower pelvic pressure caused by fibroids and inflammation reduced dramatically! I feel lighter, have more energy and my brain fog is gone! I have only one regret and that is why I did't find out about this healthy wave mat sooner! Testimonial about my Pet : The first day I got my 5 Therapy Mat my cat, Bear jumped on it and got very comfortable! He lays on it every night and absolutely loves it! After just a few days of using the mat he started being so much more playful and alert! He is also more affectionate and not as moody! I'm so glad we can both benefit from this wonderful healthy wave mat!

Manuela T, 05/10/2022
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