5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 72"x24"

Hi Pamela- Thanks for your response. Following is an update on my use of the health mat. When I started using the mat, I had swelling in my left foot that had been there for 15 plus years. It never limited my mobility; I guess it just let me know that something was wrong with my circulation in that area. I will not even give the explanations that my dr. offered to explain the cause of the swelling. Over the years, the swelling would increase and decrease, usually with my consumption of sodium. But now, something is different. The decrease in swelling has accelerated more than ever before and, I can actually see the veins in the instep area of my foot for the first time in more than 15 years. Fluids are moving in and out of my foot in a more normal manner.

I just know that the swelling in my left foot has decreased to a level that I have not seen in more than 15 years, and that that change has occurred since I started laying on the health mat daily for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Vernon, 02/05/2017
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