5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 72"x24"

I have purchased an amethyst PEMF mat with the laser lights for about one month from IIT Health. I first tried the mat at my massage therapist's clinic, I lay on it for about 2 hours. That evening when I was home, I realized my body felt so good and my energy level was way up. BTW, I've been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis flare up for about a year, my energy level can be so low that I sometimes find it an effort even talking on the phone. So I was very impressed what I got out of it. I was determined that evening to buy one right away. I bought one that same week, the first night I got it, I lay on it for 2 hours before bedtime. That night I had the most amazing sound sleep that I never had in the whole year while suffering from the flare up. I was so impressed and happy I finally get some good deep sleep. I've continued using it and keep getting the benefits. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

Alice Auyeung, 12/09/2016
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