PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Mat 72"x24"

PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Mat 72\"x24\"

In 1981 during my first pregnancy I experienced excruciating pain due to sciatica. I went for reflexology, massage therapy and even chiropractic treatments which provided only temporary relief. When my son was born in 1982 I suffered nerve compression damage (which was linked to the sciatica) in my lower back during the birth process. From that time, I've experienced lower back pain, learned to live with it and accepted it as part of being a mother. I remind my son that most days he's worth all that pain and suffering! =) As I got older, so did my back and the pain kept intensifying and so did the need for painkillers. I was grateful for Costco sized ibuprofen and acetaminophen but guilty knowing how it was ruining my liver, taking up to 16 extra strength painkillers just to get through the day. It was how I coped, day after day. After a day's work I would crawl into bed at night with excruciating pain and wake up in the morning still in pain, barely able to roll over, get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. I've lived like for almost 35 years. In November 2016 I was introduced to the IIT Healing Mats. I spent 2 hours on the mat the very first session. Pamela was shocked at my lack of mobility in rolling from my back to my side, in fact she helped me. The pain I experienced lying on the mat subsided to a level I not had in a very long time. I went home and began feeling like I'd been dragged through a train wreck, cold, achy, shivering and lethargic. Went to bed early that night, wrapped in multiple blankets, slept better than I had in years and woke up the next morning with NO PAIN AT ALL!! It was like a tonne of weight had left me!

That day I realized I was getting through my tasks at work much faster, more agile and not dragging myself around in pain. This was too good to be true and wondered how long the 'no pain' would last. Those 2 hours on the mat at Pamela's gave me about 4 weeks of being pain free. I knew then it was time to get my own mat or I'd have to move in at Pamela's! Lol!

I am on my mat daily, well almost, if my friends aren't borrowing it and it's literally like getting a hot stone sleep has improved, ability to focus is better and the desire to keep learning has returned. And I'm a much happier person because I AM PAIN FREE!! So many folks out there are living with pain and accept it as a way of life, just like I did for so many years. Thank you Pamela for introducing me to the Healthy Wave Mats @ IIT Health.

Irene B, 01/02/2019
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