Blood Pressure

Still very much enjoying my mat.
I just wanted to send a testimonial about how it has been very helpful in lowering my mother’s blood pressure. Mom is 93 and and when trying to switch around medications that didn’t make her dizzy, she ended up on one that didn’t control the pressure adequately and her blood pressure was between 175 & 200. I decided to take the mat over and see if lying on the mat would help her. We used it on three different occasions for 40 minutes each time. On the first occasion the red laser, PEMF, and infrared were all switched on and after the session on the mat her blood pressure dropped by 42 points. In the second session I forgot, and just turned on the infrared and there was little change in her blood pressure.
In the third session everything was turned on again and by the end her blood pressure had dropped 51 points. On this occasion it started at 175/90 and finished at 124/78. This has been huge for her so I am hoping you can use this on your website.

Testimonial By: Amahra Jaxen