highly recommending this mat and this company!

I bought my PEMF mat in July 2021. I looked at a number of other PEMF mats and took online PEMF classes. The health benefits are just what we want! I use my mat as a lie-down sauna and I always use the red-light therapy. It's hard sometimes to say what is working or not as I do many things for health (vibration plate, treadmill, infrared sauna, rebounder, supplements, etc) but what I can say for sure is that when I use the F12 setting before bed (I stay on it for the full hour as I want the 5 therapies), I do relax and sleep well. I often have trouble sleeping and was staying up until 11. With the mat, I fall asleep sooner and sleep well. I am VERY IMPRESSED also with Celine and Customer Service. Celine has answered every question and I tend to have a lot of questions. She's great!!! Anyway, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this mat and this company!

Testimonial By: Donna V.