Mixed Review (+) 5 Therapy Mat (-) Sauna Combo

(+) I bought the sauna combo and support answered quickly when I was concerned that the wrap did not fit correctly. I tried again and it did fit although it is very snug.

(+) I love my 5 therapy mat and use it for an hour each morning before I start my day. It heats up quickly and I feel great!

(-) I find the top infared mat to be very heavy and uncomfortable when used as a top “blanket” in the wrap system. I tried putting yoga blocks inside the “cocoon” at the feet and knees to take off some of the weight and it does help somewhat. The whole sauna with top and bottom and wrap is quite cumbersome to try to get into and out of as the top mat is not very flexible and quite heavy.

(-) I contacted support and was told that I could only return the whole set as it was sold rather than just the top mat that I do not want. It was sold at a discount for the set and would be cost prohibitive to return the whole thing. The company should take the discount into consideration when refunding, but refund what is appropriate.

Just my advice- avoid the sauna set or if you do want to go that route, ask a lot of questions 1st!

Testimonial By: Jean Kark