Reduce My Antidepressants and After Surgery Recovery

In the few weeks I have had the mat I have slept on it every night. I did not think I had an issue with sleep but I have experienced a marked improvement in the quality of my sleep and a myriad of benefits that apparently have been derived from better sleep and the mats treatments.

I have managed to reduce my antidepressants by more than half with no ill effects (under medical supervision) which was an unintended benefit.

Originally I bought the mat to assist with pain and healing from a major surgery I had in January that was causing me a lot of anguish, I have also had positive results in this regard and have been able to start more physical activity and restart a light exercise regime.

I could harp on about the benefits I have experienced and hope to continue to experience from the mat but I am sure you have many happy customers.

Testimonial By: C. Rogers