Amazing help for me, and for my horse!

I bought the 18x18 FIR Therapy mat initially to use on my horse, who was just diagnosed with Kissing Spine (back pain issues). Prior to using it on her, I thought I'd try it out on myself. I use my body hard, between my work and the gym, and have carpal tunnel in both wrists. Falling asleep is often difficult, with so many aches and pains. Since using this mat, I have not once needed to take pain medication, or benadryl to fall asleep! I sleep so soundly, and wake refreshed! I have since used it on my horses back, and while she was skeptical at first, all indications point to her experiencing deep relaxation and relief from her back pain! I am so impressed. The quality is much greater that I expected, and the results are tangible!

Testimonial By: Sarah Isherwood