Customer Service is accommodating and extremely responsive

I just got my mat late last night, so I'll confine this testimonial to the topic of Healthy Wave customer service (Celine) as far as ordering and delivery goes. For prospective customers who are nervous about dealing with an unknown company: you can rest assured that ordering is made easy, pleasant, and convenient, and you can speak to a live person if you want to. In fact, Customer Service is accommodating and extremely responsive, even outside of customary business hours.

Prior to my purchase, I had been trying for six grueling days to order a PEMF mat from a company called Higher Dose and it was a hair-raising experience, so stressful as to be nearly traumatic - I won't forget that nasty disaster in a hurry (they never sent the idea I ordered, but now won't unsubscribe me from the mailing list they added me to instead of fulfilling my order or replying to my multiple emails/calls).

By contrast, Customer Service at Healthy Wave is efficient, professional, assiduous, competent, punctilious, and courteous (but not in that smarmy way that makes your flesh creep). They do not attempt to get extra money from you by overcharging you for shipping or misrepresenting shipping's cost/speed. Please note that, if you do order from them, you must request to waive "signature required" delivery if you want something delivered without its being signed for..

Thank you again for the positive, reassuring experience of ordering from Healthy Wave. It was a pleasure!

Testimonial By: Emily S  — Gardiner, NY, USA