Pain Relief and Relaxation

I received my mat in 2016. At that time I had severe back pain and occasionally had to use a cane to walk. I understood the many health benefits of it but initially struggled with the cost. I tried many things to resolve the pain to no avail and got to the point of a mat being my last resort.
I pretty much slept on my mat for the first week, the relief came from the heat but the deeper bone pain was also resolving in that time. I noticeably had more mobility and less pain as each day passed, within a couple of months I almost forgot I once had it. I do still get back pain on occasion, as it turns out I have arthritis in the vertebrae.
I always go to my magical mat for pain relief and for relaxation, If you are thinking about this purchase, I will tell you that if I could do it again I would not have waited an extra minute.

Testimonial By: Tori