Mesh Jade & Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat 72"x24"

This mat is exactly as it is described and looks like in the picture. I called and spoke with a wonderful customer service representative before purchasing. He explained that the stone discs are large in this model and feel like stone when you lay on them. This is easily remedied by applying a blanket or cloth between yourself and the mat. I place this mat on a massage table and cover it with a faux wool cushion for added loft and softness and on top of that I place a thin soft sheet. The Far Infrared Heat (FIR) easily penetrates through these layers and into the body. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and use this mat at home and in the clinic. Patients (and myself) can’t get enough of this mat and I will be ordering more very soon. For an entry level FIR mat, this is the best buy out there on the market, I did extensive research before purchasing. It is pain relieving, stress relieving, and puts the body in a relaxed state. I plan on purchasing more mats and am looking into the 3 in 1 reversible mat for the added comfort and softness of it plus the benefit of amethyst. I am very excited to see what this company comes out with next!

Dr. Alaina, 07/15/2016
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