Mesh Jade & Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat 72"x24"

I’ve started reading about far infrared mats after my sister in law got cancer. After I bought it she used it every day and she loves it now. Many of my relatives tried it and want to buy one for themselves. It not only helps muscles recover but is relaxing and can help you lose excess water retention. The one thing I noticed you have to drink a lot of water before using it as you sweat so much and get thirsty. Also don’t go for the highest setting right away, start at the lowest setting and see how your body reacts. If you get used to it, increase the heat and see if you can take it. The controls light up quite bright so have a blanket on top when using it in the evening – it’s quite distracting. My sister in law can’t get enough of it, she even took it on her last business trip!

Victoria, 08/25/2015
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