Mesh Jade & Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat 72"x24"

My life has been far from simple. I have an almost comical list of health problems from auto-immune diseases, IBS, joint pain, and everything in between. I have tried dozens and dozens of medications. Some work and some don’t. Some that worked eventually didn’t when combined with other medications for other issues. Because I have so many problems, finding a combination of medications that maximizes relief and minimizes side effects is an exhausting process, and frankly, one that really stresses you out. I got one of these mats almost 3 months ago and the impact it has had on my treatment routines is profound. The natural therapies of the mat address the symptoms of a vast majority of my issues. My joint pain is reduced. My energy is increased. My problems sleeping are no more. My digestion is improved. With all of these underlying problems being addressed, I was able to cut down on the doctor prescribed medications for a lot of my little problems and tweak my routine to focus on my more serious conditions like my autoimmune disease. I am able to better manage the major strains in my life and overall I feel better than I have in almost a decade. I am elated. I have recommended this mat to so many of my friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who will listen, really. If you are struggling with your health in any way, I implore you to strongly consider this product as an option to help you. There’s no way you will regret it. Best decision I have ever made.

Alison Velasquez , 03/10/2015
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