Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 60"x24"

Last 2019 (before the pandemic), doctors told me that I have an underactive thyroid and that my immune system is attacking my thyroid. The walk-in clinic doctor advised that I eat more red meat to increase my iron levels and that I get my blood tested after six months. Two years later (2021), we have a family doctor and finally had our blood testing done.

My doctor called to share that my thyroid level and function is normal. My sugar level and even my cholesterol is normal too.

In the last year, I have been using the Multi-Wave 5-Therapy mat 1 to 2 times a week for 40 minutes. I have the temperature at 45 Celsius and I use a combination of F10, F8, and F5. If I'm using it in the afternoon, I use F10 and F8, if I'm using it in the evening I'm using F8 and F5. I also have photon therapy running.

If you have thyroid concerns, I recommend giving the mat a try.

Marie T., 11/02/2021
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