Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28"

I am very pleased with your mats! The reason why I wanted a mat, was due to I have swollen discs in my back, including hip and knee pain, and unable to walk even a couple blocks. I have tried many Cortizone shots, and two epidurals, which the shots did not help. I also did a year plus therapy and many body massages, which I felt I was not getting back to where I was before. We tried the smaller one the 32“ x 20“, I seen with results within days! As the weeks went on I was improving tremendously. My husband even gave it a try, he was very impressed also. So then we decided to get the bigger one 74“ x 28“ the multi wave PEMF Mat. Wow what an improvement in our bodies. With the help of both of these mats, My back pain has pretty much went away, my knees and my hip feel so much better too. I am able to work out again, walk for much longer periods, and I keep improving.

Marilyn T, 03/29/2021
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