Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28"

I have had tingling down my right leg to my foot for 16 months . It progressively got worse over the past year to the point that it turned into pain if standing very long. I had x-rays and MRI done and found that I have spinal stenosis and 3 bulging discs. I had 10 spinal decompression sessions at my chiropractor's office (I felt no different) and then followed up with use of my chiropractor's personal Bemer mat for 3 weeks. I started researching PEMF mats and purchased the five therapy multi-wave mat from Healthy Wave. I have been using it morning and night for 20 minutes a session since it arrived two months ago. This mat does more than the Bemer and much stronger. After 1 month, my tingling was 90% gone and I was standing without pain! After 2 months tingling is gone! I only feel mild sensations now. Also, kudos to Pamela! She has been so helpful in answering questions and always getting back to me. I am forever grateful to her and her company for developing this wonderful product.

Brenda C, 10/14/2020
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