Soft Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat 72"x24" Brown

My hubby and I love this InfraMat. It’s got 3 different healing stones: jade, tourmaline and amethyst. We use it to detox and relax and it is working well for both. We have never tried more expensive Inframats as we wanted to try this one first and we are not disappointed. My hubby says he was a doubter but when he tried it he changed his mind. He likes to use it every day for his back pain, he had it for ages and had to take loads of medications. But since he used the mat the pain was a goner… it’s the first time he feels better… we RECOMMEND IT for any kinds of pain you have, you will see the difference… it’s the best healing mat we tried… My daughter read somewhere that the 3 stones have detox powers to clean your system out of toxins. I think she wants to get it now for Xmas… He he, she loves this mat as well.

Jamie Taylor, 09/03/2015
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