Soft Amethyst Tourmaline Obsidian Jade Infrared Heat Pad 18"x18"

I’m a person with CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) and I first learned about infrared mats through a blog post titled “Surviving Winter with CRPS” I then started researching different brands of infrared mats, and saw a review that compared the HealthyWave Inframat to the much more expensive Biomat–quite favorably! So I came here and bought the 18×18 size for my limb with CRPS. I habe never been happier with a heated mat! First, I was able to use a coupon code & free shipping. Then, it was shipped to me immediately and at my doorstep in days. I read the manual thoroughly (not difficult) and started using it that very day.

The CRPS makes my limb very cold. It even turns blue at times. Heating pads only seemed to heat the surface of my skin, and very unevenly. Not with the Inframat! It heats so evenly–no hot spots or cold spots, and the heat seems to penetrate down through my skin and right to the bone. Outside of a far infrared sauna treatment, this is the only thing that makes my CRPS limb feel truly, deeply warmed. I can tell my circulation has improved even in the week I’ve used it! The convenient size also lets me use it on my lower back, when that acts up, too.

My dream is to own a full-sized Inframat Pro. I believe I now have fibromyalgia, and imagine how amazing it would feel to lay on a full mat, feeling the warmth ease my tender points and give me true pain relief. I’ve yet to use this with the mylar blanket included, but that’s next.

I love how my 18×18 mat came with a waterproof cover, mylar blanket, and handy carrying case! Also, the control is simple to use AND is big enough to use with tired, aching hands. Thank you, HealthyWave, for a wonderful product. I tell everyone I know in the chronic pain community about your mats! It is an important part of my treatment plan.

John, 11/08/2017
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