PRO 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28"

So… this mat is reversing my husband’s diabetes. The 1st week he was on it, his blood sugar started dropping and he started lowering his insulin. He hasn’t had any long acting insulin in 4 days and is cutting the fast acting now. It’s been hard b/c his blood sugar keeps crashing, but we are monitoring it closely b/c we know we are going in the right direction. It’s absolutely amazing! Diabetes is a popular disease and we have lots of friends with it. One of them will be purchasing a mat this weekend. We have several more that are interested… family members as well. I will be making another mat purchase… probably the professional… but that might not be until the end of this year or beginning of next year. I’m SO THANKFUL that I found you guys.

What the mat is doing for me: taking pain away AND causing me to lose weight. Looks like its fixing things at the cellular level so that they are recognizing that things need to be cleaned out.

KC, 04/13/2018
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