PRO 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28"

We have been using this product as well as the smaller amethyst/photon mat at our chiropractic spa for about 2 months. Five clients have purchased the smaller amethyst/photon mats for use at home because they
felt so good from use at our clinic. Two of those clients purchased because it greatly helped with their chronic knee pain. Everyone agrees that the big mat is “more than just heat”. I have had to drink more water daily
due to the fact that I am working next to it for 6+ hours a day…the detox effects are powerful. Two of our clients who are receiving chemotherapy due to cancer have come weekly because the treatment warms them up
for the whole day and provides relief for their joint pain. I plan to add a small mat to every therapy room (heat deeply penetrates like moist heat, but without the mess/upkeep of a hydrocollator).

Simone, 03/11/2017
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