PRO 4 Therapy Far Infrared & PEMF Mat 74" x28"

My name is Judy and I seem to have one stressful life event after another. Using the PRO Mat 2-3 times a day for about an hour each time has really enable my mind and body to relax and feel more calm. I seem to drift to the sleep mode whenever I lie on the mat. It feels so cozy and warm and comfortable that I wish I can just lie on it all day.

I also had an old shoulder injury that reoccurred a few weeks ago. Lying on the Healthy Wave mat melt the pain away in a week. The mats really heal deep since the front of my shoulder was also in a lot of pain. I didn’t have to have the mat on top of my shoulder. I just lay on my back for a week and even the pain on the front of my shoulders subsided.

My husband complained that his back was going out again. He lied on the PRO mat for 1.5 hours and told me the mat really works. The next day, I reminded him to use the mat again for his back pain. He said no need, his back is fine.

I have then introduced the PRO mat to my sister and a good friend. They both purchased one.

Thank you so much for all the time and efforts, research and development that went into designing and creating such effective and therapeutic products. I will continue to share my stories with my friends and families.

Can’t wait to try the pillows!

Judy, 09/30/2018
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