PRO 4 Therapy Far Infrared & PEMF Mat 74" x28"

Recently I was suffering excruciating pain shooting up to my brain.... I have diabetes type 2. I went to see my dr who diagnosed me with neuropathy. She said there's no fix for it and certainly it's not reversible. What she was telling me in essence that my body is dying.

I was in panic mode and my doctor prescribed some pain relief pills as well as some morphine meds to deal with the pain. However, the pain was persistent and I decided to call a friend of mine who's in the wellness business. He immediately drove to my place and literally shoved me into his car and took me to his long time friend Pamela. I haven't slept for weeks and was barely capable of walking. Pamela prepared the Healthy Wave Pro mat and let me lay on it for about an hour while she was explaining the benefits of that mat and the different healing technologies behind it.

When I stood up from the mat, my pain has dramatically receded. I bought the mat with 6 weeks satisfaction warranty.

This mat has done wonders to me and recently got out of pain killer which is huge on itself. I have gone from a level 10 pain to a level 4-5 in 1 week. I am able now to do my tasks at home and at work. I gained back my confidence and hope this health issue incompletely gone.

I recommend this mat with the strongest words to anyone with neuropathy or chronic pain it works.(period)

Thanks Pam you've saved my life I don't know if I can ever thank you enough.

God Bless you.

Tanny Abraham, 10/02/2016
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