PRO 4 Therapy Far Infrared & PEMF Mat 74" x28"

I only bought my IIT Healing mat a week ago and have already noticed an increase of energy, physical and mental wellbeing, happiness, and positive creative thoughts. Having worked at a very stressful, challenging position for over a year I did not realize that feeling better again was possible so quickly or even how horrible I was feeling as it had become almost natural to feel lousy. Before using my mat I was feeling anxious, worried all the time had shoulder stiffness and headaches from driving and computer use and now this is gone. I feel like I am back in complete alignment on all levels.

I look forward to using my mat daily and have been sharing it with friends and associates who experience physical pain and they too have been feeling less pain and an improved quality of life. Thank-you Pamela for designing a truly amazing healing product!

B. Baumel, 11/10/2016
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