PRO 4 Therapy Far Infrared & PEMF Mat 74" x28"

My health freak husband showed up with these two mats and told me he just spent something like $2,000 I almost had a heart attack! I trust him when it comes to health issues and wellness but the mats thingy I was perplexed.

He gave me this brochure and asked me to read through while setting up the mats on our bed. He bought the Healthy Wave PRO for himself and the tourmaline for me which was smaller in size. After reading the brochure about the healthy mats I felt much more comfortable as we do trust the seller very much and know that what they say is true.

My husband had chronic pain all over because of his career in martial arts. Since he started using this mat his pain is completely gone now and he sleeps much better.

It has been three months now since I have been using it and the results are amazing. First, the healing of my left arm which was partially numb for over three years. I've tried every imaginable treatment for my numbness with very meager results and very high bills. I also had chronic pain after a motor vehicle accident in 2006. I had pain in both my lower back and my shoulder. All that is now GONE! I must admit that I underestimated the healing power of this mat. I must give 5 stars to it and can't thank enough my husband's friend Pamela for developing such a wonderful product.

Recently, one of our friends called us and complained of excruciating pain from a diabetes complication called Neuropathy. My husband rushed her to try out the Mats. She lay down on the Pro mat and within half an hour her pain significantly decreased. She bought the mat right there and then and since she got it she's calling us almost every day with positive results. Thanks a bunch again Pamela... I strongly recommend this mat to anyone with pain or degenerative condition it truly does wonders.

Min Kim, 04/15/2019
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