4 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat  72" x24"

Hi Pamela! How are you? Sorry I have not gotten back to you earlier about getting a healing mat. Please know that I have been completely...I mean completely pain free since my time on your mat. I have lived with back pain since my oldest son was born 34 years ago. It's hard to comprehend getting out of bed in the mornings with no pain and ease of mobility. Since my time on your mat i have cleaned many houses and have not had the excruciating pain at the end of a work day. Wow! Just WOW!! Thank you for allowing me the free session on the mat ...I am a believer!! I need some guidance as to which healing mat to buy and wondering when is a good time to connect on this? I eagerly await your reply! Lol!

Ms. B, 03/24/2017
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