4 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat  32" x 20"

After stumbling onto this website and reading about the amazing benefits of these mats, I decided to call in to ask some detailed questions and for a recommendation. I spoke with Pamela and she could not have been any nicer or knowledgeable. I chose this style mat based on her recommendation for my needs. I have had terrible insomnia for 12 yrs, crippling anxiety and general aches and pains. Once the mat arrived I used it and noticed that I felt so relaxed and quiet inside. I have tried to meditate, never "getting there" this mat, to my surprise; "got me there!" I can say I felt my body rhythm sync with the PEMF waves, thats when I noticed some real changes. About day 4 I noticed that the sense of calm I felt on the mat from the PEMF was staying with me throughout the day. The big question was will it help me sleep? This after all was the primary reason I bought the mat and why the crushed amethyst was a good suggestion, it is the "dream" stone. About 10 days in of daily use at different temps for 40-90 min each day, I felt very sleepy at bedtime and slept for 5-6 hrs uninterrupted. This was great, another week passed and now I am sleeping 6-7 hrs uninterrupted up from a baseline of 4 hrs of tossing and turning. This is very promising, if you are even considering a purchase, do it! The customer service is top notch and the product speaks for itself, they have a 45 day return policy. You have only to gain, I believe these mats are the future of self care and contain FDA approved natural therapies.

Alicia Salvato, 06/12/2018
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