5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 60"x24"

Hi. this is ken from jax fl. I ordered the 60" healthy wave mat with 5 therapies in march 2019. this was for my wife who has stage 4 kidney disease. her kidneys are now stable with some improvement last week. we are both 75 years old and married for 53 years. recuperating from muscle damage is much slower at this age, but our new mat has helped me get back to work every day. my yard has dead grass and i have tilled and removed the dead grass, spread grass seed and covered with top soil. i removed 2 large sago palms and filled in the holed with soil. in order to finished this task i lay on this mat 20 minutes each afternoon and another 20 minutes the nest morning. it use to take me about 3 days to recuperate from a stiff back , not anymore !

kenneth watts , 09/11/2019
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