5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 60"x24"

This mat is truly amazing, brilliant, and wonderful! I can’t say enough good things. It gets me & my bed warm, helps me sleep, relaxes me, and even adds a dimension to my meditation practices. Whoever the genius was who created this should be given a golden crown! The mat also helps getting the toxic chemicals out of our bodies, because it builds our immune system and we are now being inundated with chemicals in our food, air, water, and from the sky above us. So I urge everyone to use these products. I love the photon lights and can feel their healing energies. I am 72 and have been meditating and seeking an understanding of primordial metaphysics for most of my life. Thus I am very sensitive to ‘unseen’ energies and feel the healing, protective warmth that comes from these mats – unlike heating pads that drain me. Even if all you want is a warm bed to snuggle into at night, these mats are a benign sweet blessing. Thank you!

Susan Ferguson, 05/01/2018
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