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79 with a lot more energy!

I have been using the mat for the past 60 days and enjoying the many benefits . I am 79 next month and exercise every day , no medications and blood pressure 123 /80 . Each morning I use my stationary bike for 30 minutes . Pre PEMF heart rate range was 110 to 125 BPM. Since using the MAT and without any extra effort on the pedals I now am in the target range 165-to 185 within 4 minutes of starting. After 30 minutes my heart rate recovers to 110 range within 4 minutes and to 65-70 range within 20 minutes . Is this change the result of better blood flow and oxygen uptake because I certainly am not out of breath and have a lot more energy and terrific! I 've appreciated your help. Tony

Testimonial By: Tony D.

Helped Brother with MS

Pamela, as always, thanks you for your responsiveness and credible information.

You have no idea what having the Mat has done for my brother with MS!!!!

He says it gives him hope, and has inspired him to go back to therapy and is having great success; all initiated by the Mat!.

It has to be wonderful to work for such a Company with life-saving products!

Testimonial By: V.B

My Experiences with the PEMF mat as a Natural Health Practitione

Hello, my name is Magdalena Saito and I am the owner of Remedy Rebuild in Vanderhoof BC for the last 10 years. I have a DNM (Doctorate in Natural Medicine), am a Clinically trained &Registered Herbal Therapist and a background as a Holistic Health Practitioner among other modalities.

I have been using the PEMF mat for a few years now and can’t imagine my home and practice without it.

When I first had the opportunity to try out the mat I also had a number of my clients give me feedback on their own experiences, of course all positive reviews, with some purchasing the mat for their family to use after a session, I’ve heard from clients and seen or experienced myself: pinched nerves working out, stomach pains dissipating, flexibility improving, pain reduction, lessening inflammation, less joint pain, severity or length of colds, fevers, illness, to the point where my own young children ask to go lay on the mat when they feel unwell, by the morning they are usually fine and it is our go to as a first things to do for our wellness.

All great reviews and experiences, but I love having more information and details, something more tangible than a potential placebo effect, or kindness by obligations from clients. As a result, I gathered a few volunteers and did a Live blood cell Analysis before a mat session, and immediately after.

Live blood analysis is a method to take a look at what is currently occurring in the body of a person by taking a look at a drop of blood while it is still live under a high-powered specialized microscope – seeing red blood cells and immune cells among other items that may reside in the person's plasma. Although it is not a diagnostic tool, it can be very helpful in seeing what areas of the body require attention, or help before symptoms show, Symptoms are thoughts largely to appear once the body is unable to maintain homeostasis and illness starts to slip through the cracks. (Our bodies are designed to heal and stay in balance, so a symptom is seen as more than the body can handle, and your first call for help) A live blood analysis can show and streamline ways to help someone aid their own body and to gauge results of their health plan and lifestyle changes.

For my little information gathering project I had some volunteers come provide a live blood sample, then lay on the PEMF mat for 20 minutes, then provide another sample, and repeat this three times over the course of a month.

And I was astounded by the differences that were visible in a client’s blood before and after just a mat session.

Here are a few of my results:

Ghost cell reduction – Ghost cells are cells that could be a result of a micronutrient deficiency, or a weakness in the red blood cell membranes lipid bilayer – so basically the integrity of the red blood cell membrane is challenged in some way

Ghost cells are red blood cells that appear very faintly, and at times you can actually see them disappear on screen as their fatty membrane ruptures or comes undone – ghost cells are faint and ‘ghostly’ compared to their robust red blood cell counterparts – Now this is problematic in health as it means the contents of a red blood cell are being poured out into the plasma, and it also means that the red blood cell is not able to properly function with waste elimination and oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs, this is because when it breaks apart a red blood cell can no longer hold onto anything let alone exchange gases and nutrients or wastes – the body has less nutrients, more waste accumulation in the plasma among other potential effects.

After a mat session I found that ghost cells were not present in any similar quantity, and harder to find and located, they did not break down for quite a long time, (in many cases it took hours) this finding was exceptional as it meant better nutrient and oxygen exchange, better delivery of nutrients, better removal of wastes, and those red blood cells were better able to provide for the body and do their job.

This was not a finding I was expecting – I was expecting more immune activity, which leads me into my next observation

White blood cells – Immune activity – sometimes you would see clients with white blood cells (There are a variety of white blood cells each with different function, all to do with immunity, but for the sake of this write up I will generalize). What I noticed most regarding the immune system was a stronger system, white blood cells that were built up, recovered, or present and lively. After a session I found that people who had ruptured white blood cells (open and broken apart barely able to function, or white blood cells that didn’t function at all (non-viable) were suddenly strong, active, moved around well in the plasma, cleared debris and blood cells. Those who appears ruptured before, were not easy to find after a session. This finding showed me what I was expecting based on PEMF research, aid for the immune system by enabling it to simply function optimally, or better.

The last one I will discuss for this testimonial was the finding of rouleau – this is when red blood cells act in a most sticky way , they stick together like a stack of coins rather than float free individually as they are supposed to enable more surface area for oxygen and nutrient exchange, when red blood cell clump together they minimize surface area, and usually clients who present with this get tired more easily (this is not a surprise as oxygen exchange in the body is hampered by the less and less surface area available for that exchange, this can also put more stress on the body and create changes in blood pressure among other things). After a mat session I found that the stickiness of red blood cells improved and they were less likely to stick together, or it was lessened. As you can imagine, less sticky cell equals more surface area for nutrient and oxygen exchange, giving the body more of what it needs, and helping remove wastes such as carbon dioxide more effectively.

Though I am no expert in PEMF technology, frequencies or vibrational medicine. What I can say is that with all of the clients that participated in my study after 20 minutes of lying on the PEMF mat I have noticed some or all of these changes in their blood:

· Ghost cell reduction

· Stickiness of cells reduced

· Immune cells function improved

It’s a pretty incredible thing to be able to see a change so immediate, even though clients love using the mat, and offer great testimonials about its use, the blood analysis offered me a very tangible way to see that changes actually occur, and that they occurred in a short time that lasted for hours.

This mat is one that I highly recommend for clients to have at home, have a lay down for 20 minutes a day, or use when feeling under the weather, the infrared function is so wonderful for sore muscles, fevers, torn ligaments, and cold winter nights. Even if the mat were to simply optimize body functions for a few extra hours a day, those hours can really give your body that boost throughout the day or possibly give your body the boost it needs to get a handle on homeostasis.

If you’ve made it this far in the testimonial, I’d love to be able to share a discount code that the supplier has graciously permitted – Remedy10 can get you a discount when buying a mat of your own on their website, and the 30-day trial period is an amazing no risk way to try the mat out for you and your family and see what it can do for you.

Testimonial By: Magdalena Saito

Great Response From Our Patients

My associate, Dr. Nan , just received the 5 therapy mat for our practice. We've only used it a handful of times, but the response has been terrific! Several patients already are interested in getting a mat for home use. We are very excited to have this technology! Thank you!

Testimonial By: Dr. Nan

Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28"

We researched all the PEMF Matts on the market and decided to go with the Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28". We set it up in our exercise room and found ourselves fighting over it. We decided to buy another Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28" and now have it on both sides of our bed and sleep on it on sleep mode. We are sleeping better and feeling much more grounded in our daily walk. The Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28" is a life changer. I would recommend the Pro Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74"x28" to anyone.

Testimonial By: John D