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Excellent customer service very good mat

I purchased the Muli-wave Amethyst Far Infrared mat, it is a very high quality mat I would highly recommend this product and the customer service is outstanding. Each time I called Celine was very helpful with my concerns, this is a very good company.

Testimonial By: Amadeo Acosta  — Brighton, CO, United States

So Comforting

I've had my 4-therapy Healthy Wave mat for almost a year now and am so glad I decided to purchase it. I used it twice daily for the first few weeks, then once a day for months and now about 4 or 5 times a week. It's too firm for me to sleep on, as I have had fibromyalgia for many years, but the regular PEMF therapy and Far-Infrared heat have been so comforting and healing for my joint and muscle pain, as well as helping me recover from chronic tendonitis in both my knee and shoulder. I honestly cannot imagine ever being without this mat now that I've benefited so much from it.

Testimonial By: Connie Dawson  — Lake Mary, FL, United States

PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Mat 60"x24"

I purchased my mat in August 2020. I have been suffering from severe lower back pain due to degenerative discs and arthritis. Unfortunately, it did not help me. I am disappointed, and I was very optimistic since reading all the positive reviews. I contacted the company several times, and they were very helpful in guiding me to a better result, yet, unfortunately, nothing has changed in my condition. The best advice I can give anyone considering purchasing is this: If you do not experience results within the guaranteed time frame, return it.

Testimonial By: Lisa Santa Barbara  — Doylestown, PA, United States

so far amazing

have had my multiwave pro about a year but have been traveling alot, so only have started regular use the past 3 weeks. have serious joint injuries from many years ago. knee and elbow have made big improvements in range of motion!! can't wait to see what happens in another 3 weeks! I think this will be life changing! thanks!!!

Testimonial By: Victor Gonzalez  — Cutler Bay, FL, United States

Very pleased!

I am very pleased with your mats! The reason why I wanted a mat, was due to I have swollen discs in my back, including hip and knee pain, and unable to walk even a couple blocks. I have tried many Cortizone shots, and two epidurals, which the shots did not help. I also did a year plus therapy and many body massages, which I felt I was not getting back to where I was before. We tried the smaller one the 32“ x 20“, I seen with results within days! As the weeks went on I was improving tremendously. My husband even gave it a try, he was very impressed also. So then we decided to get the bigger one 74“ x 24“ the multi wave PEMF Mat. Wow what an improvement in our bodies. With the help of both of these mats, My back pain has pretty much went away, my knees and my hip feel so much better too. I am able to work out again, walk for much longer periods, and I keep improving.

Testimonial By: Marilyn Thoene  — Hartington, NE, United States