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Love my Mat - Pro Mat

I love my bed mat. I have it set up in my computer room that has a twin bed in that room. I put a TV in that room and I can go in there and watch all my recorded shows while I lay on that mat. But in the evenings, I do a lot of crocheting baby hats, blankets and etc for the local hospitals, schools and homeless shelters. So I am looking at using the chair mat in my recliner.
I have a granddaughter that loves my bed mat. I think that is on her wish list for Christmas. But I might suggest the chair mat.

Again, thank you so much for being so awesome.

Testimonial By: Josiane R


My mat came yesterday! Yay!!! My husband slept on it for two nights and found it helped his chronic back pain during the night.

Thanks so much for arranging to give me this mat!


Testimonial By: MAUREEN TH.

Love It!

omg it is here already. just spent 20 minutes on it. love it!!! Think my 94 year old mom needs one of the chair mats!!

Testimonial By: Helen S

9 fusions, 27 screws and 2 plates in right shoulder, a new life

I am a 51 year old male who has had a total of 17 surgeries on my back, neck, shoulder and hip. I originally bought a BEMER mat and had such great results that I started researching deeper into the affects and products that are available out there. I found the 5 therapy mat from Health Wave Mat and bought one to see if it might help my pain with it's extra healing qualities that it offers. Since I have been using this mat, I have experienced a tremendous drop in the amount of pain almost to the point of not having any pain at all. I can't tell you how much more superior this mat is that the BEMER that I used to use. I sleep on it every night and wake up refreshed and pain free. I used to take over 180 mg of a day for my pain. Now, I don't take anything. It is truly an amazing product that has given me hope and has allowed my quality of life to improve drastically. I honestly can't imagine living without this device.

Testimonial By: Todd Holstlaw  — Dublin, OH, United States

Unexpected benefit

I am always skeptical, but I tried the mat anyway.
I suffer from moderate chronic pain and a hyper nerviness. My treatment was with wine and medication.
I had an immediate response to the mat. I experienced and internal calm. I was at peace. I did not need to drink or medicate to bring me down to normal.

Testimonial By: Brian R  — Arden, NC, United States